Railways Reasoning Test 148


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

What is the position of the image formed by a concave mirror when the object is placed at the centre of curvature of that spherical mirror?

Q 2

In a queue of boys, Mahesh is at 10th place from right side and Suresh at 10th place from left side. If both change their places mutually, Suresh comes at 27th place from left side. What would be the place of Mahesh from right side ?

Q 3

If ‘orange’ means ‘butter’, ‘butter’ means ‘soap’, ‘soap’ means ‘ink’, ‘ink’ means ‘honey’, and ‘honey’ means ‘orange’, then which is used to wash clothes?

Q 4

If in a certain language, TOGGLE is coded as OTGGEL, how is KEPLER coded in that code?

Q 5

Select the letter which does NOT belong to the group.

# Name Overall Score
1 Ansv Venky 5
2 Vipin Vips 5
3 Indranil Sil 5
4 adrush ktrc 5
5 Anil kumar Raparthi 5
6 Sushant 5
7 Shubham S S 5
8 Arul dass 5
9 nikhil 5
10 A K SAHOO 5

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