Railways Reasoning Test 118


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Mamatha and Nandini are playing chess in the morning. If Nandini is looking straight at the sunrise while she is playing, then in which direction is Mamatha facing?

Q 2

Looking at the portrait of a girl, Sheesha, a girl, said, “Her mother is my grandfather’s
only daughter whohas only one daughter and no sons”. How is Sheesha related to the girl in the portrait?

Q 3

If X’s mother is the only daughter of Y’s father, then Y’s husband is X’s .........

Q 4

Find the number which will complete the following series.
0, 1, 8, 27, ?

Q 5

Pointing to a woman a man said, “Her mother is the only daughter of my mother”. How is the man related to the woman ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Eshana Kasyap 5
2 Muthu Kumar 5
3 Shubham S S 5
5 venkat dwaram 5
6 Pallav Verma 4
7 Sandeep Mohan 4
8 Shubham Kumar 4
9 The Glam Bong 4
10 rajib pal 3

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