Railways Quant Test 82


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

P bought an article for Rs. 1600 and sold it at a profit of 10%. What would have been the increase in the profit percent if it was sold for Rs. 1840?

Q 2

If ABCD is a Cyclic Quadrilateral ,then the value of $$\cos^2 A - \cos^2 B - \cos^2 C + \cos^2 D$$ is:

Q 3

The child will be a male, if the zygote has an ........... combination.

Q 4

If EFMIJ means DELHI, then the last letter of the word got by decoding IQBOS is

Q 5

From the top of a platform 5 m high, the angle of elevation of a tower was $$30^\circ$$.If the platform was positioned $$40\sqrt{3}$$ m away from the tower, how tall was the tower?

# Name Overall Score
1 Sandip Binani 5
2 Aman Dusad 3
3 Vinay Gupta 3
4 Siva 3
5 Ramu 3
7 Rakesh Purohit 3
8 Archana Kumari 2
9 Abhishek 2
10 Ankush Sharma 2

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