Railways Quant Test 175


Study the following diagram and answer questions based on it.

Q 1

The ratio of total number of train travelers to the people who do not travel by train is

Q 2

How many people who travel by train also travel by car or bus but not cycle?

Q 3

Which two modes of transport used by people are mutually exclusive?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

A contractor employed 30 men to do a piece of work in 38 days. After 25 days. he employed 5 men more and the work was finished one day earlier. How many days he would have been behind, if he had not employed additional men ?

Q 5

If a carton containing a dozen mirrors is dropped, which of the following cannot be the ratio of broken mirrors to unbroken mirrors ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Shivanshu Burman 5
3 Kavya Tomar 5
4 Aditya Suman 4
5 Venkat Rao 4
6 mohit kumar 4
7 Suman Paul 4
8 Pabitro 4
9 D 4
10 Abhimanyu Sharma 4

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