Railways Quant Test 165


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The potential difference between the terminals of an electric heater is 60 V when it draws a current of 4 A from the source. What current will the heater draw if the potential difference is increased to 127.5 V ?

Q 2

In how many years will an amount be doubled at 28.75% annual rate of interest?

Q 3

The percentage increase in the population is highest as compared to that of the previous year in the year:

Q 4

In a farm, there are goats and peacocks. If the number of heads are 60 and the number of feet are 170, then the number of goats = ?

Q 5

If the interior angle of a polygon is 108°, then it is a

# Name Overall Score
1 All in one 5
3 Mahesh Samal 5
4 Pavan 5
5 Rahul yadav 5
6 santosh vishwakarma 5
7 Murthy 5
8 Manjunath BS 5
9 Abhimanyu Sharma 5
10 Abhijit Bera 5

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