Railways Quant Test 164


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Two partners M and N buy a car. M pays a share of $$\dfrac{3}{7}th$$ of the total cost of the car. M
pays ₹ 31,540 less than N. What is the cost of the car?

Q 2

If the edge of a cube is increased by 3 $$cm$$,the volume will increase by 657 $$cm^3$$. What then is the original length of each edge of the cube?

Q 3

A train travelling at constant speed crosses two persons walking in the same direction in 8 seconds and 8.4 seconds respectively. The first person was walking at the speed of 4.5 km/hr while the second was walking at the speed of 6 km/hr. What was the speed of the train in km/hr?

Q 4

In a camp 180 students had ration for 20 days. How many students should leave the camp if the ration should last for 25 days?

Q 5

Select the term that relates to the fourth term in the same way as the first term relates to the second term.
Beer : Fermentation : : ? : Decomposition

# Name Overall Score
1 Sushant 5
2 All mantry 5
3 m venu 5
4 Kumar P 4
5 Ajay Kumar 4
6 Venkat Rao 4
7 Madhumita Modak 4
8 All in one 4
9 Nikita Coaching Classes. 4
10 Muthu Kumar 4

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