Railways Quant Test 134


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The ratio of occupied seats to the vacant seats in a bus is 1:4 By the time the bus started some more passengers tried to enter the bus which would have made the ratio 4:1 But as they failed in the attempt they were seated in an empty bus with same capacity as the previous one.What is the ratio of occupied seats to the vacant seats in this bus ?

Q 2

Which pattern will the given transparent sheet resemble when it is folded at the dotted line?

Q 3

$$(-5)\left\{20 -(-2) \times (-8)\right\}$$ = ?

Q 4

The given graph shows the registration of bikes and total vehicles (in thousands) for 6 months in 2017 in City X.
Note: In the chart, the first number represents bikes (grey) and the second number represents total vehicles (black).
Based on the given data, in March 2017, the number of vehicles other than bikes
registered is:

Q 5

To dispose of the old stocks, a person sold a tea-set for ₹ 3,420, which was 43% below the cost price. In order to make a profit of 10% the seller should have sold the set for ₹ ....... more.

# Name Overall Score
1 Mahendra Rout 5
2 Eshana Kasyap 5
3 Sharma Pooja Sharma 5
5 Sneha Roy 5
6 Nasrin Sultana 4
7 Indranil Sil 4
8 saravanan p 4
9 Muthu Kumar 4
10 Faisal Sohail 4

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