Railways Quant Test 122


Consider the table and answer questions based on it
The following table represents the category wise count of books in four local libraries.

Q 1

The self-help books in library GHL is how much less than its fictional books?

Q 2

Which library has the highest total count of books?

Q 3

The difference between the total number of nonfiction and management books of all four libraries is


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

One kg Tea powder and one kg Sugar together cost I' 95. If the price of Tea powder falls by 10% and the price of Sugar raises by 20% per kg each, the cost of one kg Tea powder and one kg Sugar together comes to t 90. Then what is the original price of Tea powder in rupees per kg ?

Q 5

Two trains 121 meters and 99 meters in length respectively are running in opposite
directions, one at the rate of 40 kms and the other at the rate of 32 kms an hour. In what time
will they completely clear each other from the movement they meet ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Archana Kumari 5
2 Kvs 5
3 Krishna 5
4 All in one 5
5 Ashutosh Kashyap 5
6 Pallav Verma 5
7 Rahul yadav 5
8 somisetti naveen 5
9 P.v.jithendrasaikumar 5
10 Vivek Maurya 5

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