Railways Quant Test 102


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Name the architect who designed New Delhi.

Q 2

Read the given statements carefully and answer the question.
Most people get their own cars to office. The number of vehicles on road is increasing day by day. It leads to traffic congestion and adds to the ever-increasing air pollution issues. As a result, respiratory problems are on a rise. People should, as far as possible, take public transport or do carpooling.
Which of the following situations better fits the above statement?

Q 3

A sum of Rs. 625 is made up of 80 currency notes which are either Rs. 10 or Rs. 5 denomination. The number of Rs. 10 notes are---------

Q 4

Express in meters the sum of 0.5035 km, 332.9 cm and 1771mm:

Q 5

Read the given statements and the following conclusions carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.
• Some iron are rust.
• All rust are brown.
1. Some brown are rust.
2. Some iron are brown.

# Name Overall Score
2 Sandeep Sutradhar 5
3 Mohan B 5
4 Gujjer Thukaram 5
5 sourabh dikondwar 5
6 Amit Singh 5
7 Shamshad 4
8 Barkha parmar 4
9 Vasanth Kommana 4
10 All in one 4

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