Railways General Knowledge Test 134


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which Indian freedom fighter unfurled the flag known as Saptarishi at Stuttgart in Germany in 1907?

Q 2

Historical Qutub Minar is located in

Q 3

Which of the following is the implementing ministry of Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojana of Government of India?

Q 4

In which country was the 45th World Archery Championship organised in Spet. 2009 ?

Q 5

One of the largest salt deserts in the world, the ‘Rann of Kutch’ is primarily located in
which state of India?

# Name Overall Score
1 Ashok Prabhu V 5
2 vodnala kranthi kumar 5
3 P.v.jithendrasaikumar 5
4 Susanta Paul 5
5 Satish Kushwah 4
6 maneesh MOHAN 4
7 Vijay Senthil 4
8 Mohammad Ali Ansari 3
9 Gangisetty Naveenkumar 3
10 Shamshad 3

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