Railways General Knowledge Test 130


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

A body dropped from a tower with zero velocity, reaches the ground in 4 seconds. The height of the tower is about

Q 2

Who took over as the new chairman of the Tata Sons owned Vistara Airline in 2016? Prior to this, he was the Managing Director of Titan for a long time.

Q 3

The vegetaion of the Thar desert consists of ?

Q 4

Who gives the advice to the president ?

Q 5

Which assembly constituency within Chennai city was forced to have a recent by-election because of the death of then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa?

# Name Overall Score
1 saravanan p 4
2 Abhinaba Dey 3
3 deepak singh 3
4 pankaj kumar 3
6 Anirban Banerjee 3
7 Sumit kumar 3
8 Pallav Verma 2
9 manjunath 2
10 Rahul yadav 2

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