Railways General Knowledge Test 127


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The Mission Olympic Cell (MOC) of the Union Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs included the Men's ...... team of India in the Target Olympic Podium scheme.

Q 2

As per tiger census of 2014, tiger population in India was estimated at

Q 3

The recipients of the Whitley Awards, also called the Green Oscar Awards, are:

Q 4

Which of the following is the largest group of animals?

Q 5

Indian economy is most apppropriately described as a

# Name Overall Score
1 Diwa Vamsi 5
2 Mohammad Ali Ansari 4
3 Pritam Mondal 4
4 Sachin Naik 4
5 Satish Aagrapu 4
6 Prince Prince 3
7 Pramod 3
8 Pallav Verma 3
9 Anil kumar Raparthi 3
10 jyoti yadav 3

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