Top-50 IIFT GK Questions PDF 2020-21 (Most expected)

IIFT GK Questions PDF
IIFT GK Questions PDF

Most Important IIFT GK Questions 2020-21

Download the most important general awareness questions for IIFT 2021. This will cover the topics from which questions can be asked in the upcoming exam. The GK questions will be asked from Current affairs and static GK like Capitals & Currencies, Company logs, Personalities, Business, Economy, Books and Authors, Economic Issues, Indian Constitution and Laws, Awards and Honours, Geography, Culture, Stock Markets, Sports, Science and Politics.

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Question 1: “CUE” is the sports term associated with which sport?

a) Chess

b) Cricket

c) Billiards

d) Basketball

Question 2: VISHU festival is celebrated in which of the following Indian states?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Maharashtra

d) Madhya Pradesh

Question 3: The famous “MAGGIE” is the brand derived from which company?

a) YUM

b) Nestle

c) Pepsico

d) Dunkin

Question 4: SYRIA shares its border with which of the following countries?
i) Turkey
ii) Iraq

a) only i,ii,iii

b) only iv,v,i

c) all except i

d) all except (v)

Question 5: Which of the following countries are not the member countries of SAARC?

a) Bangladesh

b) Myanmar

c) India

d) Maldives

Question 6: Who is the last president as of now to receive Bharat Ratna award?

a) Madan mohan malaviya

b) Atal bihari vajpayee

c) Pranab Mukherjee

d) Rajendra prasad

Question 7: Who is the co-founder of OLA cabs?

a) Ankit Bhati

b) Andrew Mc Collum

c) Pavel Durov

d) Brian Acton

Question 8: Scientists have planned a project of recreating old smells. What is that project called?

a) New Toxic

b) New scent

c) Odeuropa

d) Nostalgic Smells

Question 9: Which ministry has launched the UIDAI scheme?

a) Ministry of External Affairs

b) Ministry of skill development

c) Ministry of Railways

d) Ministry of electronics and information technology

Question 10: 2028 olympics were to be held ?

a) Los Angeles

b) Paris

c) South Korea

d) Qatar


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Question 11: Rangaswamy cup is associated with which sport?

a) Table Tennis

b) Hockey

c) Cricket

d) Badminton

Question 12: A line on a map connecting points having the same average temperature in winter is called?

a) Isogon

b) Isophote

c) Isocheim

d) Isobront

Question 13: Which of the following best represents Caustic soda?

a) Calcium carbonate

b) Sodium hydroxide

c) Potassium Sulphate

d) calcium bisulphate

Question 14: Where is the headquarters of European central bank located?

a) Frankfurt

b) London

c) Rome

d) Paris

Question 15: Pang Lhabsol is the festival celebrated in which state?

a) Maharashtra

b) Sikkim

c) Tamilnadu

d) Rajasthan

Question 16: The 11th National Krishi Vigyan Kendra Conference 2020 held in which city?

a) Lucknow

b) Hyderabad

c) Delhi

d) Mumbai

Question 17: Which Indian minister participated in BRICS Foreign Ministers meeting on coronavirus through video conferencing.?

a) Venkaiah Naidu

b) Narendra modi

c) S.Jaishankar

d) Rajnath singh

Question 18: The Uri Dam is located on Sutlej river in which university?

a) Jammu and Kashmir

b) Manipur

c) Assam

d) Rajasthan

Question 19: Who is the author of Rig-Veda?

a) Tulsi Das

b) Valmiki

c) Veda Vyas

d) Kambar

Question 20: Which state’s chief minister has launched a mobile app called DigiNest?

a) Maharashtra

b) Punjab

c) Haryana

d) Uttar Pradesh

Question 21: Which of the following countries have recently modified their National Anthem?

a) India

b) China

c) Australia

d) Japan

Question 22: Launch Pad scheme has been recently launched by which country?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) TamilNadu

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Telangana

Question 23: Recently, Air-india All-women pilot team created a history by flying over the world’s longest route. Who is the captain of that flight?

a) Zoya Khan

b) Zoya Aggarwal

c) Riya Aggarwa

d) Sneha Bhansal

Question 24: Addis Ababa is the capital of which country?

a) Iran

b) Ethiopia

c) China

d) Dubai

Question 25: India’s rank in Global Talent competitiveness index 2020?

a) 99

b) 121

c) 72

d) 89

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Question 26: Which country has topped the WEF Gender gap index?

a) Australia

b) India

c) Iceland

d) USA

Question 27: Who releases Global Competitive Report?

a) World Trade Organization

b) World Economic Forum

c) World Bank

d) World Health Organization

Question 28: Headquarters of the world customs organization is based in which country?

a) London

b) Brussels

c) Delhi

d) Tokyo

Question 29: Who is the author of the book Pandemonium- The Great Indian Banking Tragedy?

a) Tapan Singhel

b) Bibek Debroy

c) Tamal Bandhopadhyay

d) None of the above

Question 30: “A Revenue stamp” by Amrita pritam is a/an?

a) Autobiography

b) Movie

c) Web series

d) Book

Question 31: Adnani group has signed an agreement to acquire the 49% stake in which state’s Power generation corporation of India?

a) Punjab

b) Odisha

c) Haryana

d) Rajasthan

Question 32: The battle of Buxar was fought in which year?

a) 1764

b) 1721

c) 1780

d) 1799

Question 33: Right to property according to Indian constitution is which type of right?

a) Fundamental Right

b) Legal Right

c) Constitutional right

d) Social Right

Question 34: The judges of the high court of the state are appointed by?

a) VIce-President

b) Prime-Minister

c) Chief-Minister

d) President

Question 35: The idea of concurrent list of Indian constitution is taken from which country?

a) China

b) Ireland

c) Australia

d) Japan

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Question 36: Who is called as the bird man of india?

a) Hieun-Tsang

b) Sarojini Naidu

c) Dadabhai Naoroji

d) Salim-ali

Question 37: Which Indian city is the first one in the world to set up a Tram Library?

a) Bengaluru

b) Chennai

c) Mumbai

d) Kolkata

Question 38: Which company has been selected by NASA to build a cellular network on the moon?

a) Motorola

b) Nokia

c) Micromax

d) Luna

Question 39: The term “Pinching” is associated with which sport?

a) Wrestling

b) Chess

c) Volleyball

d) Baseball

Question 40: Which is claimed as the strongest typhoon of the year 2020?

a) Hudud

b) Goni

c) Haiyan

d) Bavi

Question 41: ”Open happiness” is the tagline of which brand or product?

a) Coca-cola

b) Burger king

c) Dominos

d) LOreal

Question 42: Which of the following is not a part of the World bank community?

a) IFC

b) IDA

c) WTO


Question 43: Which country is the first one to allow lab grown meat for sale?

a) China

b) Singapore

c) Japan

d) India

Question 44: What is India’s rank in “Women on board 2020” by global recruitment tendering platforms?

a) 10th

b) 21st

c) 12th

d) 5th

Question 45: What is the minimum balance required for an SBI savings bank account?

a) 5000 rupees

b) 500 rupees

c) No minimum required

d) 10000 rupees

Question 46: Bandhavgarh National park is located in which state of India?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Maharashtra

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Karnataka

Question 47: What is the national flower of china?

a) Rose

b) Lotus

c) Plum blossom

d) Rafflesia

Question 48: Jallikattu is associated with which state of India?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Goa

d) Tamilnadu

Question 49: Dhodia is a type of tribe associated with which state of India?

a) Maharashtra

b) Rajasthan

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Haryana

Question 50: Who is the Prime minister of Japan 2020?

a) Yukio Hatoyama

b) Yoshihiko Noda

c) Yoshihide suga

d) Taro Aso

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (C)

7) Answer (A)

8) Answer (C)

9) Answer (D)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (B)

12) Answer (C)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (A)

15) Answer (B)

16) Answer (B)

17) Answer (C)

18) Answer (A)

19) Answer (C)

20) Answer (B)

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21) Answer (C)

22) Answer (A)

23) Answer (B)

24) Answer (B)

25) Answer (C)

26) Answer (C)

27) Answer (B)

28) Answer (B)

29) Answer (C)

30) Answer (A)

31) Answer (B)

32) Answer (A)

33) Answer (B)

34) Answer (D)

35) Answer (C)

36) Answer (D)

37) Answer (D)

38) Answer (B)

39) Answer (D)

40) Answer (B)

41) Answer (A)

42) Answer (C)

43) Answer (B)

44) Answer (C)

45) Answer (C)

46) Answer (A)

47) Answer (C)

48) Answer (D)

49) Answer (A)

50) Answer (C)

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