TISSNET Preparation In 30 Days | Section-wise Strategy

TISSNET Preparation in 30days

How to Prepare for TISSNET in 30 Days

We have only 30 days to prepare. That’s not a big deal if we have a perfect learning strategy for 30 days. Let us see the detailed TISSNET preparation plan, and let’s make it possible to crack TISSNET in 30 days. At the end of this article, you can get an idea of TISSNET preparation sectional wise in 30 days and you can make your own plan to crack this exam. Before going to the strategy of learning, Let’s have a quick view of the exam pattern of TISSNET

This is the exam pattern of TISSNET.

Sections Number of questions Total marks
English proficiency 30 30
Mathematics and logical reasoning 30 30
General Awareness 40 40
Total 100 100


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As you can see, we have three sections. Let us view them at the levels of priority.

1. Mathematics and logical reasoning

This is the section you have to give priority to acquiring well-built knowledge. This is one of the main pillars to build it as strong as possible.

These are the main topics to prepare in this section.

  • Basic Geometry
  • Basic Set Concepts
  • Time, Speed & Distance
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Basic Algebra
  • Simultaneous Equations
  • Number Theory

Let’s get into the next section.

2. English Proficiency

English proficiency is the finest one to attain a maximum score in TISSNET. So make it a second priority for learning.

These are the essential topics to be focused on in English Proficiency.

  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Word Substitution
  • Analogies
  • Idioms
  • Homophones
  • Correction of Sentences and Error Spotting.

3. General Awareness

This is the section that is the easiest and best source of scoring. It covers most of the following topics: history, economics, politics, current affairs, etc.

Now let us start our 30 days of preparation strategy for TISSNET.

TISSNET Preparation: 30-Day Study-Plan

Let us split our 30 days into four weeks and see the detailed TISSNET preparation plan day-to-day.

As I mentioned above, our priority is to acquire a grip on Mathematics and Logical Reasoning.

TISSNET Preparation from Day-1 to Day-7:

Let’s start our first week.

These are some of the essential topics covered in Mathematics this week.

  • Basic Geometry (Shapes, triangles and Quadrilaterals, Polygons and Angles)
  • Percentages
  • Profit & Loss

Map out your timings for preparing every topic and have a self-test to know how far you understand the subject. Spend half of the day preparing Mathematics. We have three topics. Utilize the partial days for preparing section-wise cases. Use your first three days for preparing Basic geometry. Use morning sessions for learning Mathematics.

Now we have 4days in this week. As I said, utilize the morning sessions for preparing percentages for the next two days. Then after profit & loss for the remaining 2days.

Now, What about the afternoon session?

Here you have to spend on our second priority is nothing but English proficiency.


This is the most crucial topic that improves your reading skills. It will not only help in Exams but also in your professional life.

  • Passage-based questions
  • Assumption and supporting statements
  • Purpose of the passage

Try to practice at least two questions from each topic this week.

Simultaneously you have to give some time for the below topics, which are from verbal activities

  • Sentence correction
  • Error spotting: Grammar/words/ punctuation
  • Idioms
  • Homophones

At last, try to use some sources like Newspapers, Blogs, News to gain general knowledge.

Try to spend at least one-hour exploring current affairs. Make it a daily habit to spend on improving General awareness skills.

Till now you have learnt the tough topics. From the following week, you will learn some moderate issues. So, let’s get into it.

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TISSNET Preparation from Day-8 to Day-14:

As I said, Mathematics and Logical Reasoning is our first priority.

In the last week, we mainly concentrated on Mathematics. Make sure you know every formula and fundamental in every topic in mathematics.

We have some moderate topics in Mathematics, as shown below

  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Average
  • Basic Algebra
  • Simultaneous Equations
  • Number Theory

And make sure not to change the priorities. First, cover the above topics and then go through the Logical reasoning section. The following are the most vital topics to be prepared in logical reasoning.

  • Venn Diagram
  • Number Series
  • Logical Connectivity
  • Puzzles

Try to solve at least five questions from each topic. Because it would help to improve the ability to solve tricky problems and also Simultaneously you have to focus on Data Interpretation problems like Pie charts, Line graphs, Multiple graphs and Bar graphs. So, have a look at them too. Try to answer at least five questions a day in this week

Now, for the afternoon session. As I said, utilize the afternoon sessions for English proficiency. Try to solve RC’s available on the internet and solve verbal activity questions simultaneously.

Make sure that you practice every topic at the end of your preparation because it will help you to be more confident in that particular topic.

And don’t neglect to spend time on General awareness.

Now, you entered the 3rd week.

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TISSNET Preparation from Day-15 to Day-21:

You have spent on the learning, and now you have to spend more on practising rather than learning from now. This is Nothing but revision week. Collect all the Questions available on the internet with respective sections.

Try to solve at least ten questions from a section covering every topic in each area.

Repeat this process every day this week. It will recall what you have learnt till now.

Now you are in Final Week.

TISSNET Preparation from Day-22 to Day-28:

This week is the most crucial week to test yourself. Collect all the previous TISSNET question papers and answer them. Solve every question and figure out your problem-solving ability.

Manage your timings to solve the problem while answering the question papers. Reverify the answers and make sure that you are giving accurate input.

And the last but one day, you can spend time learning General Awareness and make simple overall revisions.

This is the final day, i.e. the day before the exam. Just do Nothing and relax. Make yourself comfortable. Do whatever you want that makes you happy. It can give relief to your mind and make you confident about attending the exam.

Yes, this is the TISSNET preparation strategy for 30 days.

Good luck, Thank you.

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