TISSNET Government Scheme Questions [Download PDF]

_ Government Scheme Questions

TISSNET Government Scheme Questions [Download PDF]

TISSNET Government Scheme questions with a PDF by Cracku. Practice TISSNET solved Government Scheme Questions paper tests, and these are the practice question to have a firm grasp on the Government Scheme topic in the TISSNET exam. Very Important Government Scheme Questions for TISSNET based on the questions asked in the previous TISSNET exam papers. Click on the link below to download the TISSNET Current Affairs Questions with answers PDF.

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Question 1: What is the upper age limit for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana?

a) 55 years

b) 50 years

c) 65 years

d) 70 years

e) 75 years

1) Answer (B)


To enrol for the PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, customers should be at least 18 years old and the maximum age limit will be 50 years. – The benefits under the scheme are, upon the death of the insured member, a fixed sum of Rs 2 lakh is payable to the nominee and no maturity benefit or surrender benefit is payable.

Question 2: With which health insurance scheme has West Bengal now been expected to cover the entire state’s population?

a) Jeevan Bima Yojana

b) Swasthya Sathi scheme

c) Swasthya Bima Yojana

d) Health Care Scheme

e) Ujjala Yojana

2) Answer (B)


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently extended the Swasthya Sathi health insurance scheme to cover the entire population of the state.

Question 3: The scheme Startup India was launched in which year?

a) 2014

b) 2015

c) 2016

d) 2017

e) 2019

3) Answer (C)


Launched on 16th January, 2016, the Startup India Initiative has rolled out several programs with the objective of supporting entrepreneurs, building a robust startup ecosystem and transforming India into a country of job creators instead of job seekers.

Question 4: Which state in India was the first to introduce the ‘Mid-day Meal Scheme’ for school children?

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Maharashtra

c) Gujarat

d) Kerala

4) Answer (A)

Question 5: Which of the following ministries launched the two campaigns, named Angikaar and E-course?

a) Ministry of Home Affairs

b) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

c) Ministry of Human Resource and Development

d) Ministry of Women and Child Development

5) Answer (B)

Question 6: Atal pension yojana was launched in which year?

a) 2018

b) 2019

c) 2015

d) 2016

6) Answer (C)


Atal pension yojana was launched in 2015. Formerly it was known as ‘Swavalamban Yojana’. It is a pension scheme targeted at the unorganized sector in India. It was launched by Narendra Modi in Kolkata.

Question 7: Ramsar convention is associated with the conservation of ?

a) Dry lands

b) Coal

c) Wetlands

d) Bio fuels

7) Answer (C)

Question 8: Name the app launched by the Road transport and highways ministry to enhance road safety?

a) Suraksha

b) iRAD

c) Vahan Surakhit

d) None of the above

8) Answer (B)

Question 9: The mobile app called ”GreenDelhi” has been launched by who among the following?

a) Amit shah

b) Narendra Modi

c) Satyendra Jain

d) Arvind Kejriwal

9) Answer (D)

Question 10: Which ministry has launched the UIDAI scheme?

a) Ministry of External Affairs

b) Ministry of skill development

c) Ministry of Railways

d) Ministry of electronics and information technology

10) Answer (D)


UIDAI(Unique Identification Authority of India) scheme was launched by the Ministry of electronics and information technology. The first Chairman of UIDAI is Nandan Nilekani.

Question 11: PM-Garib Kalyan Yojana came into effect from which year?

a) 2015

b) 2016

c) 2018

d) 2019

11) Answer (B)

Question 12: “Adopt a Heritage” scheme was launched in which year?

a) 2019

b) 2020

c) 2016

d) 2017

12) Answer (D)


“Adopt a Heritage” scheme was launched on 27th September 2017. On World Tourism Day, it was launched by Ram Nath Kovind.

Question 13: Under which of the following schemes has the Government of India set up a new institution for development and refinancing activities related to micro units?

a) Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana

b) Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojana

c) Pradhan Mantri Yojna

d) Pradhan Mantri MNREGA Yojana

13) Answer (A)

Question 14: Which of the following is a pension scheme introduced by the Government of India exclusively for senior citizens in May 2017?





14) Answer (B)

Question 15: Which of the following schemes launched by the present government has been correctly matched with its purpose?

a) AASHA Scheme – Remunerative prices to ward boys for serving patients

b) UJJWALA Scheme – Street lighting

c) SUMAN Scheme – Free medicines to pregnant women

d) SAGARMALA Scheme – To regularise selling of goods at ports

15) Answer (C)

Question 16: Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana offers a protection term insurance cover of ______ to the insurer

a) ₹4 Lakh

b) ₹8 Lakh

c) ₹2 Lakh

d) ₹5 Lakh

16) Answer (C)

Question 17: The Mission Indradhanush, an initiative of Govt. of India, is associated with:

a) immunisation

b) highway development

c) digitalisation

d) cleanliness

17) Answer (A)

Question 18: The Government of India launched the _____ Initiative on 16 January 2016, with the objective of supporting entrepreneurs, building a robust start-up ecosystem and transforming India into a country of job creators instead of job seekers.

a) Skill India

b) Empower India

c) Start-up India

d) Digital India

18) Answer (C)

Question 19: As of January 2020, the Make in India program was implemented by the ________.

a) Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises

b) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

c) Ministry of Shipping

d) Ministry of Science and Technology

19) Answer (B)

Question 20: In July 2019, which of the following schemes was launched to accelerate water harvesting and conservation measures?

a) Jal Shakti Abhiyan

b) Jal Bachao Abhiyan

c) Jal hi dhan hai Abhiyan

d) Jal Vikas Abhiyan

20) Answer (A)

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