SSC CGL Biology Previous year Questions PDF

SSC CGL Biology Previous year Questions PDF
SSC CGL Biology Previous year Questions PDF

SSC CGL Biology Previous year Questions PDF:

Download SSC CGL Biology Previous year questions with answers PDF based on previous papers very useful for SSC CGL exams. 25 Very important Biology Previous year objective questions for SSC exams.

Download SSC CGL Biology Previous year Questions PDF

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Question 1: In humans how many types of water-soluble vitamins are there?

a) 13

b) 4

c) 9

d) 7

Question 2: When an animal species gets wiped off from the face of Earth, it is called …

a) eradication

b) demolition

c) extinction

d) destruction

Question 3: Which of the following fruits is not a good source of vitamin C?

a) Dates

b) Oranges

c) Lemons

d) Guavas

Question 4: Which of the following animal is an omnivore?

a) Tiger

b) Crocodile

c) Lion

d) Bear

Question 5: Plants and Animals belong to two different …. for the purposes of taxonomical classification.

a) Families

b) Phylums

c) Kingdoms

d) Classes

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Question 6: Flowering plants are classified under ….

a) Gymnosperms

b) Angiosperms

c) Spermatophytes

d) Embryophyta

Question 7: Metazoa is the scientific name given to ….

a) All the animals

b) All the plants

c) All the animals undergoing metamorphosis

d) All the animals that have metastasis

Question 8: Animals that have a backbone or a spine are generally classified as …

a) Chordata

b) Annelids

c) Vertebrates

d) Bacilli

Question 9: Which is the largest cell in the human body?

a) Sperm

b) Egg

c) Skin

d) Blood

Question 10: What is the most abundant element on the human body, by mass?

a) Nitrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Iron

d) Hydrogen


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Question 11: Which of the following is not a raptor?

a) Kite

b) Bat

c) Owl

d) Hawk

Question 12: Bacteria is are generally considered …. and fungi are considered ….

a) neither animals nor plants, neither animals nor plants

b) animals,plants

c) plants, plants

d) animals,animals

Question 13: Which organism possesses characteristics of a plant and an animal?

a) Euglena

b) Mycoplasma

c) Paramecium

d) Chlorella

Question 14: Oxyntic cell is meant for the secretion of

a) Pepsin

b) Enterokinase

c) Hydrochloric acid

d) Lactic acid

Question 15: Allantois of Embryo helps in

a) digestion

b) respiration

c) excretion

d) protection

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Question 16: Example of an animal belongs to mollusca is ?

a) Haliotis

b) Hare

c) Hydra

d) Hyla

Question 17: Animal protein is called first class protein because it is

a) easily digestible

b) delicious in taste

c) cheaper in the market

d) rich in essential amino acids

Question 18: Photoperiodism affects

a) All of these

b) Flowering

c) Vegetative growth

d) Fruiting

Question 19: Example of an animals i.e, jawless :

a) Sphyrna

b) Trygon

c) Myxine

d) Shark

Question 20: What is farming along with animal husbandry called ?

a) Mixed farming

b) Mixed agriculture

c) Dairy farming

d) Truck farming

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Question 21: Vermicomposting is done by

a) Fungus

b) Bacteria

c) Worms

d) Animals

Question 22: Medicine of Quinine is provided by

a) Cinchona plant

b) Money plant

c) Eucalyptus plants

d) Aconite plants

Question 23: Process through which plants reproduce

a) Pollination

b) Condensation

c) Eating

d) Evaporation

Question 24:  What does “Corpus luteum” secrete ?

a) Progesterone

b) Testosterone

c) Estrogen

d) Haemoglobin

Question 25: The male sex hormone is

a) Progesterone

b) Estrogen

c) Testosterone

d) Insulin

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

2) Answer (C)

3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (A)

8) Answer (C)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (B)

11) Answer (B)

Raptors are predatory birds. They eat insects, rats and other small animals. Bats are not birds. They are mammals.

12) Answer (A)

Bacteria and Fungi each belong to a separate kingdom different from plants and animals.

13) Answer (A)

14) Answer (C)

15) Answer (C)

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16) Answer (B)

17) Answer (D)

18) Answer (A)

19) Answer (C)

20) Answer (A)

21) Answer (C)

22) Answer (A)

23) Answer (A)

24) Answer (A)

25) Answer (C)

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