SSC CGL 4th June GK QUESTIONS ASKED (2nd and 3rd shifts)

SSC CGL 4th June 2019 2nd & 3rd Shift GK Question paper
SSC CGL 4th June 2019 2nd & 3rd Shift GK Question paper

SSC CGL 4th June GK QUESTIONS ASKED (2nd and 3rd shifts)

Download the GK questions that were asked in the SSC CGL exam in the 2nd and 3rd shifts on June 4th. Practice these type of questions to score maximum marks in the exam. All the best for your exam. Feel free to visit our website to access the free content of SSC CGL

Download SSC CGL GK QUESTIONS ASKED IN 2nd and 3rd shifts (4th June)

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SSC CGL 4th June 1st GK Questions

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Question 1: Which gland controls other endocrine glands?

Question 2: Which team won the 2017 Ranji Trophy held at Holkar stadium in Indore, Madhya Pradesh?

Question 3: What is the folk dance of Sikkim?

Question 4: Who is the founder of the Chalukya Dynasty?

Question 5: Who is the first female vice president of SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)?

Question 6: What is the allotrope of Carbon?

Question 7: Which blood cells are called soldiers of the body?

Question 8: What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

Question 9: Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?

Question 10: Who was the first female judge of the Supreme court of India?

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Question 11: Marbat festival is celebrated in which state?

Question 12: Who is the founder of Vikramshila?

Question 13: What is the currency of Bolivia?

Question 14: Saurashtra is located in which state?

Question 15: Baikal is located in which country?

Question 16: Who is the present chief minister of Assam?

Question 17: Which one of the following is a Maharatna company in India?

Question 18: The host country of Winter Olympics 2018 is?

Question 19: Who is the author of Rajatarangini?

Question 20: Who is the founder of Tughlaq dynasty?

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Question 21: Uniform civil code is related to which article in Indian constitution?

Question 22: ARPANET is related to?

Question 23: Jim Corbett National Park is located in which state?

Question 24: Residuary power of Indian constitution is taken from which country?

Question 25: Which articles deal with legislative relations between the Centre and the State?.

Question 26: What is the theme of the world down syndrome day 2019?

Question 27: What is the total number of Mahajanpadas which existed in ancient India?

Question 28: Which part of the eye controls the amount of light entering the eye?

Question 29: Raj Babbar is a film actor belonging to which political party?

Question 30: Who is the present chief justice of India?

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: Pituitary Gland

2) Answer: Vidarbha

3) Answer: Mask dance of Sikkim

4) Answer: Pulakeshin

5) Answer: Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed

6) Answer: Graphite, Boron, Graphite

7) Answer: White Blood cells

8) Answer: Noor Sultan

9) Answer: Vitamin C

10) Answer: M Fathima Beevi

11) Answer: Nagpur, Maharashtra

12) Answer: Dharmapala

13) Answer: boliviano

14) Answer: Gujarat

15) Answer: Russia

16) Answer: Sarbananda Sonowal

17) Answer: GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited)

18) Answer: South Korea

19) Answer: Kalhana

20) Answer: Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq

21) Answer: Article 44

22) Answer: Internet

23) Answer: Uttarakhand

24) Answer: Canada

25) Answer: Article 245 to 255 in part XI

26) Answer: Leave no one behind

27) Answer: 16

28) Answer: Pupil

29) Answer: Indian National Congress

30) Answer: Ranjan Gogoi

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