SSC CGL 4th June ASKED GK QUESTIONS (1st shift)

SSC CGL 4th June Question Paper Morning Shift
SSC CGL 4th June Question Paper Morning Shift

SSC CGL 4th June ASKED GK QUESTIONS (1st shift)

Download the SSC CGL GK questions asked in the 1st shift on June 4th. Practice this type of questions to score maximum in the exam. Feel free to visit our website for the free content provided for SSC CGL. All the best for your exam.

Download SSC CGL ASKED GK QUESTIONS (1st shift, June 4th)

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Question 1: First country to introduce GST is?

Question 2: Who composed the Gita Govinda?

Question 3: Who is the chairman of Indin Railway board?

Question 4: What is the other name of the country Australia?

Question 5: Who is the president of South Africa?

Question 6: What is the largest river island in India?

Question 7: Who is the present chief minister of Goa?

Question 8: Who won the gold medal in the recently concluded GeeBee boxing tournament held in Helsinki, Finland?

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Question 9: Who is the founder of Indian national association?

Question 10: Who discovered electrons?

Question 11: Which of the following is not a tributary of Brahmaputra?

a) Dibang River

b) Teesta River

c) Gomti River (Tributary of Ganga)

d) Manas River

Question 12: Which of the following is a metalloid?

a) Aluminium

b) Arsenic  (Examples of Metalloids – Boron, silicon, Antimony, Germanium etc)

c) Copper

d) Gold

Question 13: Who is the first women chief justice of India?

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Question 14: Bhima is the tributary of which river?

Question 15: Who is the founder of American based social media and social networking company, Facebook?

Question 16: Which game is going to be introduced in Asian Games 2022 which will be held in Hangzhou, China?

Question 17: IND-INDO CORPAT is the patrol exercise between India and which country?

Question 18: Malimat committee is related to?


Question 19: Wadiyar dynasty had ruled the kingdom of?

Question 20: Tisco was established in which year?

Question 21: Name the first Puducherry’s women DGP appointed recently?

Question 22: What is the formula of Dry Ice?

Question 23: Akbar has defeated which Queen, the ruling Queen of Gondwana?

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: France

2) Answer: Jayadeva

3) Answer: Vinod Kumar Yadav

4) Answer: New Holland – Historical name of Australia

5) Answer: Cyril Ramaphosa

6) Answer: Majuli

7) Answer: Pramod Sawant

8) Answer: Kavinder Singh Bisht

9) Answer: Surendranath Banerjee

10) Answer: JJ Thomson

11) Answer (C)

12) Answer (B)

13) Answer: Fathima Beevi

14) Answer: Krishna

15) Answer: Mark Zukerberg

16) Answer: Cricket

17) Answer: Indonesia

18) Answer: Reforms in the criminal justice system

19) Answer: Mysore

20) Answer: 1907

21) Answer: Sundari Nanda

22) Answer: CO$_{2}$

23) Answer: Rani Durgavati

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