SNAP Vocabulary Questions PDF [Important]

Vocabulary Questions
Vocabulary Questions

SNAP Vocabulary Questions PDF [Important]

Here you can download a free Vocabulary questions PDF with answers for SNAP 2022 by Cracku. These questions will help you to practice and solve the Vocabulary questions in the SNAP exam. Utilize this PDF practice set, which is one of the best sources for practising and includes detailed answers.

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Study the following given idiomatic expression and its four possible meanings .find out the correct meaning as your as given statements. Answer (E) if you don’t find the correct meaning

Question 1: Wear one’s heart in the one’s sleeve

a) To show one’s feelings

b) To be most intimate

c) To love passionately

d) To do the right thing

e) None of these

1) Answer (A)

Question 2: To play fast and loose

a) To be narrow minded

b) To play a good game

c) To act in an unreliable way

d) To defeat a person

e) None of these

2) Answer (E)

Question 3: To slow the white feather

a) To try to be the beautiful

b) To perform a good deed

c) To show courage before enemy

d) To be calm and Quite

e) None of these

3) Answer (D)

Question 4: In the blues

a) Having many blues

b) Being Colorful

c) Behave like a lord

d) Melancholy and low spirited

e) None of these

4) Answer (D)

Question 5: To catch Tartar

a) To catch a dangerous person

b) To deal with a person who is more than ones match

c) To trap a wanted criminal with great difficulty

d) To live carefully and continuously

e) None of these

5) Answer (B)


Choose the word which is has most SIMILAR meaning in given words

Question 6: TRAJECTORY

a) Result

b) Tradition

c) Path

d) Consequence

e) Precedence

6) Answer (C)

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a) Widening

b) Reviving

c) Encompassing

d) Surpassing

e) Piloting

7) Answer (D)

Question 8: Emergence

a) Renaissance

b) Onslaught

c) Imposition

d) Development

e) Rise

8) Answer (E)


Choose the the word which is most OPPOSITE in the meaning of word givein in bold below

Question 9: SPLITTING

a) Severing

b) Uniting

c) Adding

d) Collecting

e) Assembling

9) Answer (B)

Question 10: NURTURING

a) Weakening

b) Culturing

c) Demolishing

d) Fostering

e) Poisoning

10) Answer (C)

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Question 11: SUBVERT

a) Conquer

b) Escalate

c) Create

d) Emnanate

e) Strengthen

11) Answer (E)


Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold as used in the passage:

Question 12: DISPARITY

a) adequacy

b) comparison

c) contrast

d) balance

e) dissimilar

12) Answer (C)


a) independently

b) partially

c) freely

d) jointly

e) adversely

13) Answer (A)


Choose the word which is SAME as the word given in the question.

Question 14: PERSISTED

a) fixed

b) insisted

c) applied

d) determeined

e) continued

14) Answer (E)

Question 15: STRESS

a) strain

b) anxiety

c) emphasize

d) burden

e) suffer

15) Answer (C)

Question 16: COMPETE

a) fight

b) struggle

c) defeat

d) particulate

e) persue

16) Answer (A)


Fight is the synonym of Compete.


Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

Question 17: NARROWING

a) Broadening

b) Stretching

c) Changing

d) Increasing

e) Extending

17) Answer (A)

Question 18: SUPERFICIAL

a) Careless

b) Profound

c) Extreme

d) Articulate

e) Fear

18) Answer (B)


Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

Question 19: WOES

a) Suffering

b) Tragedy

c) Bitterness

d) Anger

e) Fear

19) Answer (A)

Question 20: GRAVE

a) Cemetery

b) Fatal

c) Severe

d) Carve

e) Trivial

20) Answer (C)

Question 21: BRIGHT

a) Glowing

b) Radiant

c) Dazzling

d) Lustrous

e) Promising

21) Answer (E)

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