SNAP Fill in the Blank Questions [Download PDF]

SNAP Fill in the Blanks Questions PDF
SNAP Fill in the Blanks Questions PDF

SNAP Fill in the Blank Questions [Download PDF]

Fill in the Blanks is an important topic in the Verbal section of the SNAP Exam. You can also download this Free Fill in the Blanks Questions for SNAP PDF (with answers) by Cracku. These questions will help you to practice and solve the Fill in the Blanks questions in the SNAP exam. Utilize this PDF practice set, which is one of the best sources for practicing.

Download Fill in the Blank Questions for SNAP

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In the following questions, a passage is given with a blank space in the beginning. Three statements are given following the passage. You are required to select which of the statement(s) may be the starter?

Question 1: _____So, Anti Corruption campaign occupied centre stage during election season. Corruption prevailing in the high and mighty adversely impacts our nation, and its global image.
I. Corruption is a big evil in India.
II. Corruption is not a big evil in India as propagated.
III. Anti corruption is a big challenge in India.

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) Both A & B

e) Both B & C

1) Answer (A)

Question 2: ______It grew faster in year 2010. The conditions were favourable which helped in economic boom. The agriculture , tourism, export and mining helped in the growth of the economy.
I. Indian economy is not growing well.
II. The Indian economy grew fast at 10 per cent in 2008.
III. Due to economic reforms, economic growth of India was 8 per cent in 2009.

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) Both A & B

e) Both B & C

2) Answer (E)

Question 3: ______It is so pleasant a profession that it is not surprising if a vast number of persons adopt it who have no qualifications for it. The writer is free to work in what he believes.
I. I am a writer
II. I am a writer as I might have been a doctor or a lawyer.
III. I was a writer as I might have been a doctor.

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) Both A & B

e) Both B & C

3) Answer (D)


In each of the following questions there is a sentence with a pair of blank spaces, followed by ve pair of words. Choose the pair that can ll up the blanks in the same order. The number of that pair is your answer.

Question 4: The problem of housing shortage………… with the population explosion has also been by this policy.

a) coped – highlighted

b) dispensed – acknowledged

c) compounded – addressed

d) threatened – manifested

e) projected – discussed

4) Answer (C)

Question 5: Part of the confusion in our societies………….. from our pursuit of ef ciency and economic growth, in the………. that these the necessary ingredients wards of progress.

a) sterns – conviction

b) derives – evaluation

c) emerges – consideration

d) obtains – exploration

e) extends – planning

5) Answer (C)

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Question 6: The quality of……………… between individuals and the organisation for which they work can be………….. to the bene t of both the parties.

a) services – evaluated

b) interaction – improved

c) sophistication – developed

d) work – appreciated

e) life – conceptualised

6) Answer (B)

Question 7: Among a number of hobbies that one can………….. , the hobby of reading is the most useful and ………….

a) develops – accumulative

b) cultivates – enlightened

c) nourish – cumulative

d) absorbs – durable

e) considers – appreciative

7) Answer (C)

Question 8: Handicrafts constitute an important ………………of the decentralised sector of India’s economy and employment to over six million artisans.

a) factors – aims

b) extension – plans

c) segment – provides

d) supplier gives

e) period – projects

8) Answer (C)


Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentence/sentences meaningfully complete.

Question 9: Whether it be shallow or not, commitment is the……………. , the bedrock of any………… loving relationship.

a) expression perfunctory

b) foundation genuinely

c) manifestation deep

d) key alarmingly

e) basis absorbing

9) Answer (B)

Question 10: He was an…………… musician, had been awarded the George Medal during the second world war and………………. with the title of Rai Bahadur.

a) outstanding popularise

b) underestimated declared

c) accomplished honoured

d) impressive assigned

e) obdurate proclaimed

10) Answer (C)

Question 11: He has ………..sense of words. Therefore, the sentence he constructs are always …………….. with rich meaning.

a) profound pregnant

b) distinguished loaded

c) terri c tempted

d) meaningful full

e) outstanding consistent

11) Answer (A)

Question 12: Not all countries bene t………………. from liberalisation. The bene ts tend to ……………… rst to the advantaged and to those with the right education to be able to bene t from the opportunities presented.

a) equally generate

b) richly downgrade

c) suitably ascribe

d) uniformaly percolate

e) judiciously facilitate

12) Answer (A)

Question 13: The teacher must …………….the unique style of a learner in order to…………. it to the desired knowledge.

a) advocate direct

b) perpetuate develop

c) appreciate focus

d) absorb maintain

e) discover harness

13) Answer (C)

Question 14: Top global oil exporter Saudi Arabia………. its crude production in April to a record high………… its flourishing Asian market share.

a) rose, feed

b) risen, collecting

c) raised, lead

d) raised, feeding

e) increased, healing

14) Answer (D)



Question 15: Looks like the oil markets are not only showing ……….between the physical and the financial perspectives from time to time but also……… between the short term view and the long term realities.

a) disconnect, convergence

b) disconnect, divergence

c) connection, difference

d) supply, demand

e) similarity, contrast

15) Answer (B)

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