CAT 2022 Exam Rules And Regulations (Do’s and Don’ts)

CAT 2022 Exam Rules And Regulations

CAT 2022 Exam Rules And Regulations: Do’s and Don’ts For Candidates

CAT 2022 is scheduled for November 27, 2022, and will be conducted by IIM Bangalore. Aspirants are advised to be aware of CAT 2022 exam rules and regulations, i.e. dos and don’ts, during the exam day. The exam day guideline has been given on the CAT 2022 official website. It is imperative that the candidates stay calm on exam day and have knowledge about what is to be done and what is not. In this article, we discuss the most important exam day guidelines that candidates must be aware of and also we will look at what is the dress code for the CAT exam in detail.

CAT 2022 Official Website

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Firstly, let us see what the candidates should do on exam day.

CAT 2022: Do’s and Don’ts For The Candidates

There are some rules and regulations that the candidates must follow during the exam day. The below-mentioned information is given based on the data available on the CAT 2022 official website.

Do’s For The Exam Day

  1. Print the Admit card on A4-size Paper, preferably using a Laser Printer. Admit Card is valid only if the Candidate’s photograph and signature images are legibly printed.
  2. Make necessary arrangements for travel, food, accommodation (if required) and any other expenses (including those on account of medical emergencies).
  3. Before leaving for the Test Centre, Candidates are requested to verify and carry their original ID proof and the printed CAT 2022 Admit Card.
  4. Affix the photograph in the space provided on the Admit Card before handing it over for verification at the Test Centre. Affix the same photograph which was uploaded during the application process.
  5. Report at the Test Centre based on the reporting time you received by SMS and email the previous day. However, please report not later than 8:15 a.m. IST for the Forenoon Session, 12:15 noon IST for the Afternoon Session and 4:15 p.m. IST for the Evening Session.
  6. Barcode Printed on the Admit Card will be scanned at the Scanning Desk. The location of the Test Lab will be communicated after scanning the Barcode.
  7. At the Console, use the Mouse to select the right Option as an answer for an MCQ and the on-screen Keyboard to answer a non-MCQ. The keyboard is not to be used, and using the keyboard can lead to your test getting locked.
  8. The Candidate will be provided with one pen and one scribble pad. Please drop your Admit Card, pen and scribble pad (with all pages intact) in the boxes provided post-completion of the Test.
  9. Candidates must provide their signature on the Attendance Sheet provided at the Registration Desk.
  10. Admit Card, duly signed in the presence of the invigilator, should be dropped in the box provided before leaving the Test Lab.

Don’ts For The Exam Day

  1. Do not request entry into the Test Centre after 8:15 a.m. for the Forenoon Session, after12:15 p.m. for the Afternoon Session and after 4:15 p.m. for the Evening Session.
  2. Do not waste ScribblePad pages, as only one pad will be provided per Candidate during the Test. Do not carry any pages from the Scribble Pad outside the Test Lab after the test.
  3. Do not attempt to cheat or copy answers from others during the Test.
  4. Do not use the keyboard at any point in time; this will lock your computer system.
  5. Do not request a bio-break while inside the Test Lab unless it is a medical emergency.
  6. Do not have friends and relatives accompany you beyond the Test Centre gate.
  7. Do not request for a change of Test Centre/Test Lab/Console on the Test Day.
  8. Mobile phones, Electronic Gadgets, Watches, Calculators, own Stationery items, pens, Wallets, and Goggles are strictly NOT allowed in the Test Hall/Lab.
  9. Do not wear any jewellery (or any item(s) containing metal), Shoes/footwear with thick soles, and garments with large buttons inside the Test Lab.
  10. Do not provoke any other Candidate to commit or participate in any form of malpractice.

Dress Code For The CAT 2022 Exam

There is no prescribed dress code for the CAT exam on the official website. It is better to avoid some of the things regarding the dress code that male and female candidates must consider not wearing on exam day. The things to avoid on the exam day are as follows:

  1. Jewellery or Metal Accessories are not allowed in the exam centre.
  2. Girls should not apply Mehndi.
  3. No Shoes allowed with thick soles
  4. No Jackets, Coats with pockets are allowed
  5. Mobile phones, Electronic Gadgets, Watches, and Calculators are not allowed.
  6. No wallet or goggles should be carried to the CAT test centre
  7. If any candidate uses a metal implant, the pacemaker will have to bring a supporting medical certificate to the test centre.
  8. Socks, plain Pullovers/Sweaters,/Cardigans (without any pockets) are allowed inside the Test lab.

Test Day Workflow for the Candidate

Test Day Workflow for Candidate

  • The time allotted for each Section is 40 minutes (53 minutes and 20 seconds for PwD Candidates).
    As soon as the Candidate starts answering a Section, the clock (displayed on the top right corner of the screen) starts ticking and will display the remaining time available to complete the current Section.
  • On completion of 40 minutes, the timer would reach zero, the current Section would be auto-submitted, and the Candidate would be automatically moved to the next Section. The Candidate can then start answering the next Section.
  • The same process would be repeated for all three Sections. For PwD Candidates, the process would be the same as above, except that for each Section, they would be given 53 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • However, there would be an option for submitting the answers to a Section at any point in time after the completion of 40 minutes. Thus, they would have the option to complete the Test between 120 minutes and 160 minutes.

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