SNAP Analogies Questions PDF [Important]

_Analogies Questions
_Analogies Questions

SNAP Analogies Questions PDF [Important]

The analogy is an important topic in the Analogies section of the SNAP Exam. You can also download this free Analogies Questions PDF (with answers) for SNAP 2022 by Cracku. These questions will help you to practice and solve the Progression questions in the SNAP exam. Utilize this PDF practice set, which is one of the best sources for practising.

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Question 1: ‘Music’ is related to ‘Notes’ in the same way as ‘Language’ is related to………………

a) Sentences

b) Combination

c) Grammar

d) Alphabets

e) Syntax

1) Answer (A)


Music is composed from notes, similarly a language is made from sentences.

=> Ans – (A)

Question 2: Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?

a) Food : Hunger

b) Water : Thirst

c) Air : Suffocation

d) Talent : Education

e) Leg : Lame

2) Answer (D)


Without food, we feel hungry, without water we feel thirsty, without air we feel suffocated and without a leg, one is lame.

=> Ans – (D)

Question 3: Which of the following has the same relationship as that of Money : Wealth ?

a) Pity : Kindness

b) Cruel : Anger

c) Wise : Education

d) Pride : Humility

e) None of these

3) Answer (A)


A person can get wealth from money, in the same way, a person can get kindness from pity.

=> Ans – (A)

Question 4: ‘Writing’ is related to ‘Pen’ in the same way as _______?

a) ‘Singing is related to ‘Music’

b) ‘Stitching’ is related to ‘Needle’

c) ‘Dancing’ is related to ‘Exercise’

d) ‘Carpenter’ is related to ‘tools’

e) ‘Paper’ is related to ‘book’

4) Answer (B)


‘Writing’ is related to ‘Pen’ as pen is used to write, similarly a needle is used to stitch, hence ‘Stitching’ is related to ‘Needle’.

=> Ans – (B)

Question 5: ‘Bricks’ are related to ‘Walls’ in the same way as Trees’ are related to

a) Roots

b) Branches

c) Forests

d) Plants

e) Green

5) Answer (C)


Several bricks together constitute a Wall. Similarly, several trees together constitute a forest.

=> Ans – (C)

Question 6: If ‘white’ means ‘black’; ‘black’ means ‘red’; ‘red’ means ‘blue’, ‘blue’ means ‘yellow’ and yellow means ‘grey’, then which of the following represents the colour of clear sky ?

a) blue

b) red

c) yellow

d) Cannot be determined

e) None of these

6) Answer (C)


The colour of the clear sky is blue.

According to ques, ‘blue’ means ‘yellow’

Thus, the colour of clear sky = yellow

=> Ans – (C)

Question 7: ‘Gram’ is related to ‘Mass’ in the same way as ‘Centimeter’ is related to……..?

a) Area

b) Volume

c) Length

d) Sound

e) Energy

7) Answer (C)


Mass is measured in grams. Similarly, length is measured in centimeter.

=> Ans – (C)

Question 8: K is brother of T. M is mother of K. W is brother of M. How is W related to T ?

a) Maternal uncle

b) Paternal uncle

c) Grandfather

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

8) Answer (A)


K is brother of T and M is mother of K, => M is mother of T.

Also, W is brother of M.

Thus, W is the maternal uncle of T.

=> Ans – (A)

Question 9: ‘FI’ is related to ‘LO’ in the same way as ‘PS’ is related to ?

a) VY

b) VZ

c) WZ

d) UX

e) None of these

9) Answer (A)


‘FI’ is related to ‘LO’

=> F (+3 letters) = I (+3 letters) = L (+3 letters) = O

Similarly, P (+3 letters) = S (+3 letters) = V (+3 letters) = Y

Thus, PS : VY

=> Ans – (A)

Question 10: ‘Mustard’ is related to ‘Seed’ in the same way as ‘Carrot’ is related to………. ?

a) Fruit

b) Stem

c) Flower

d) Root

e) None of these

10) Answer (D)


Mustard in an oilseed, hence related to seed, similarly carrot is modified root, thus it is related to root.

=> Ans – (D)

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Question 11: An ‘Island’ is related to ‘Sea in the same way as an ‘Oasis’ is related to…………

a) Water

b) Illusion

c) Pond

d) Trees

e) Desert

11) Answer (E)


Island is a piece of land amidst water, similarly oasis is a water pool amidst sand.

Thus, ‘Oasis’ is related to desert.

=> Ans – (E)


Select the related words/letters from the given alternatives.

Question 12: Nightingale: Warble:: Frog ?

a) Yelp

b) Croak

c) Cackle

d) Squeak

e) None of these

12) Answer (B)


As warble sound is related with nightingale similarly croak sound is related with frog. Hence, answer will be B

Question 13: Video: Cassette:: Computer: ?

a) Reels

b) Recordings

c) Files

d) Floppy

e) CPU

13) Answer (D)


As a cassette is used to play a video similarly floppy is used to play a video on a computer. Hence, option D is most closely related to computer, So answer will be D






e) None of these

14) Answer (C)


First three letters of the word have been exchanged with the last three letters of the same word and remaining two letters will also exchange their positions. Similar pattern will be followed for the word “Psychotic” and answer will be “TICCHOPSY”

Hence, answer will be C

Question 15: Bud: Flower:: ?

a) Clay: Mud

b) Sapling: Tree

c) River: Glacier

d) Bird: Tree

e) Paper: Book

15) Answer (B)


Bud means “a compact knob-like growth on a plant which develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot”

The similar meaning will be Sapling for a tree, hence, answer will be B

Question 16: SHOE: NCJZ:: REWA: ?





e) None of these

16) Answer (D)


The relationship between first two proportion words is SHOE and NCJZ is, N is 4 letter behind the letter S, C is 4 letters behind the letter H, J is 4 letters behind the letter O and in the circular manner, Z is also 4 letters behind the letter E

Hence, following the same pattern for REWA, we will get our answer as MZRV.

So answer will be D

Question 17: ‘Lead’ is related to ‘pencil’ in the same way as ‘Ink’ is related to………

a) Bottle

b) Pen

c) Stamp

d) Pot

e) Colour

17) Answer (B)


Here, there exists an analogy between lead and pencil.

We must establish a similar analogy between ink and one of the options.

Lead is contained in a pencil in same way ink is contained in pen.

Hence, option B is correct.

Question 18: ‘Music is related to Notes’ in the same way as ‘Language’ is related to…….

a) Sentences

b) Combination

c) Grammar

d) Alphabets

e) Syntax

18) Answer (D)


‘Music is related to Notes’ in the same way as ‘Language’ is related to Alphabets.

Question 19: Select the option in which the numbers share the same relationship as that shared by the given number-pair.
4 : 25

a) 12 : 120

b) 11 : 170

c) 6 : 36

d) 6 : 49

19) Answer (D)


The logic here is

$25=5^2=\left(4+1\right)^2$ $\longrightarrow\ $ $\text{second number}=\left(\text{first number}+1\right)^2$


$49=7^2=\left(6+1\right)^2$ $\longrightarrow\ $ $\text{second number}=\left(\text{first number}+1\right)^2$

$\therefore\ $6 : 49 share the same relationship as 4 : 25

Hence, the correct answer is Option D

Question 20: Select the option that is related to the third word in the same way as the second word is related to the first word.
Time : Second :: Length : ?

a) Long

b) Distance

c) Meter

d) Measuring Rule

20) Answer (C)


Second is the unit of Time. Similarly, Meter is the unit of Length.

$\therefore\ $Meter is related to Length in the same way Second is related to Time.

Hence, the correct answer is Option C

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