Logical Reasoning Questions for CMAT PDF

Logical Reasoning Questions for CMAT PDF
Logical Reasoning Questions for CMAT PDF

Logical Reasoning Questions for CMAT PDF

Download important Logical Reasoning Questions for CMAT PDF based on previously asked questions in the CMAT exam. Practice Logical Reasoning Questions  PDF for the CMAT exam.

Download Logical Reasoning Questions for CMAT PDF

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DIRECTIONS for the following three questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Five friends meet every morning at Sree Sagar restaurant for an idli-vada breakfast. Each consumes a different number of idlis and vadas. The number of idlis consumed are 1, 4, 5, 6, and 8, while the number of vadas consumed are 0, 1, 2, 4, and 6. Below are some more facts about who eats what and how much.

i. The number of vadas eaten by Ignesh is three times the number of vadas consumed by the person who eats four idlis.

ii. Three persons, including the one who eats four vadas eat without chutney.

iii. Sandeep does not take any chutney.

iv. The one who eats one idli a day does not eat any vadas or chutney. Further, he is not Mukesh.

v. Daljit eats idli with chutney and also eats vada.

vi. Mukesh, who does not take chutney, eats half as many vadas as the person who eats twice as many idlis as he does.

vii. Bimal eats two more idlis than Ignesh, but Ignesh eats two more vadas than Bimal.

Question 1: Which one of the following statements is true?

a) Daljit eats 5 idlis

b) Ignesh eats 8 idlis

c) Bimal eats 1 idli.

d) Bimal eats 6 idlis.


Two traders, Chetan and Michael, were involved in the buying and selling Of MCS shares over five trading days. At the beginning of the first day, the MCS share was priced at Rs 100, while at the end of the fifth day it was priced at Rs 110. At the end of each day, the MCS share price either went up by Rs 10, or else, it came down by Rs 10. Both Chetan and Michael took buying and selling decisions at the end of each trading day. The beginning price of MCS share on a given day was the same as the ending price of the previous day. Chetan and Michael started with the same number of shares and amount of cash, and had enough of both. Below are some additional facts about how Chetan and Michael traded over the five trading days.

• Each day if the price went up, Chetan sold 10 shares of MCS at the closing price. On the other hand, each day if the price went down, he bought 10 shares at the closing price.

• If on any day, the closing price was above Rs 110, then Michael sold 10 shares of MCS, while if it was below Rs 90, he bought 10 shares, all at the closing price.

Question 2: If Chetan sold 10 shares of MCS on three consecutive days, while Michael sold 10 shares only once during the five days, what was the price of MCS at the end of day 3?

a) Rs 90

b) Rs 100

c) Rs 110

d) Rs 120

e) Rs 130


A significant amount of traffic flows from point S to point T in the one-way street network shown below. Points A, B, C, and D are junctions in the network, and the arrows mark the direction of traffic flow. The fuel cost in rupees for travelling along a street is indicated by the number adjacent to the arrow representing the street. –

Motorists traveling from point S to point T would obviously take the route for which the total cost of traveling is the minimum. If two or more routes have the same least travel cost, then motorists are indifferent between them. Hence, the traffic gets evenly distributed among all the least cost routes.

The government can control the flow of traffic only by levying appropriate toll at each junction. For example, if a motorist takes the route S-A-T (using junction A alone), then the total cost of travel would be Rs 14 (i.e., Rs 9 + Rs 5) plus the toll charged at junction A.

Question 3: The government wants to devise a toll policy such that the total cost to the commuters per trip is minimized. The policy should also ensure that not more than 70 per cent of the total traffic passes through junction B. The cost incurred by the commuter travelling from point S to point T under this policy will be:

a) Rs 7

b) Rs 9

c) Rs 10

d) Rs 13

e) Rs 14


In the table below is the listing of players, seeded from highest (#1) to lowest (#32), who are due to play in an Association of Tennis Players (ATP) tournament for women. This tournament has four knockout rounds before the final, i.e., first round, second round, quarterfinals, and semi-finals. In the first round, the highest seeded player plays the lowest seeded player (seed # 32) which is designated match No. 1 of first round; the 2nd seeded player plays the 31st seeded player which is designated match No. 2 of the first round, and so on. Thus, for instance, match No. 16 of first round is to be played between 16th seeded player and the 17th seeded player. In the second round, the winner of match No. 1 of first round plays the winner of match No. 16 of first round and is designated match No. 1 of second round. Similarly, the winner of match No. 2 of first round plays the winner of match No. 15 of first round, and is designated match No. 2 of second round. Thus, for instance, match No. 8 of the second round is to be played between the winner of match No. 8 of first round and the winner of match No. 9 of first round. The same pattern is followed for later rounds as well.

Question 4: If Elena Dementieva and Serena Williams lose in the second round, while Justine Henin and Nadia Petrova make it to the semi-finals, then who would play Maria Sharapova in the quarterfinals, in the event Sharapova reaches quarterfinals?

a) Dinara Safina

b) Justine Henin

c) Nadia Petrova

d) Patty Schnyder

Question 5: In a ‘keep-fit’ gymnasium class there are 15 females enrolled in a weight-loss programme. They all have been grouped in any one of the five weight-groups W1, W2, W3, W4, or W5. One instructor is assigned to one weight-group only.Sonali, Shalini, Shubhra and Shahira belong to the same weight-group.
Sonali and Rupa are in one weight-group, Rupali and Renuka are also in one weight-group.
Rupa, Radha, Renuka, Ruchika, and Ritu belong to different weight groups.
Somya cannot be with Ritu, and Tara cannot be with Radha.
Komal cannot be with Radha, Somya, or Ritu.
Shahira is in W1 and Somya is in W4 with Ruchika.
Sweta and Jyotika cannot be with Rupali, but are in a weight-group with total membership of four.
No weight-group can have more than five or less than one member.Amita, Babita, Chandrika, Deepika and Elina are instructors of weight-groups with membership sizes 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 respectively. Who is the instructor of Radha?

a) Babita

b) Elina

c) Chandrika

d) Deepika


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Directions for the next 2 questions: There are three bottles of water, A, B, C, whose capacities are 5 litres, 3 litres, and 2 litres respectively. For transferring water from one bottle to another and to drain out the bottles, there exists a piping system. The flow through these pipes is computer controlled. The computer that controls the flow through these pipes can be fed with three types of instructions, as explained below:

Initially, A is full with water, and B and C are empty.

Question 6: After executing a sequence of three instructions, bottle A contains one litre of water. The first and the third of these instructions are shown below:
First instruction: FILL (C, A)
Third instruction: FILL (C, A)
Then which of the following statements about the instruction is true?

a) The second instruction is FILL (B, A)

b) The second instruction is EMPTY (C, B )

c) The second instruction transfers water from B to C

d) The second instruction involves using the water in bottle A

Question 7: Eighty kilograms (kg) of store material is to be transported to a location 10 km away. Any number of couriers can be used to transport the material. The material can be packed in any number of units of 10,20 or 40kg. Couriers charges are Rs. 10 per hour. Couriers travel at the speed of 10 km/ hr if they are not carrying any load, at 5 km/hr if carrying 10kg, at 2 km/hr if carrying 20kg and at 1 km/hr if carrying 40 kg. A courier cannot carry more than 40 kg of load. The minimum cost at which 80kg of store material can be transported to its distinction will be:

a) Rs.180

b) Rs.160

c) Rs.140

d) Rs.120

Question 8: In a hospital there were 200 diabetes, 150 hyperglycaemia and 150 gastro-enteritis patients. Of these, 80 patients were treated for both diabetices and hyperglycaemia. Sixty patients were treated for gastro-enteritis and hyperglycaemia, while 70 were treated for diabetes and gastroenteritis. Some of these patients have all the three diseases. Dr. Dennis treats patients with only gastro-enteritis. Dr. Paul is a generalist. Therefore, he can treat patients with multiple diseases. Patients always prefer a specialist for their disease. If Dr. Dennis had 80 patients, then the other three doctors can be arranged in terms of the number of patients treated as:

a) Paul > Gerard > Hormis

b) Paul > Hormis > Gerard

c) Gerard > Paul > Hormis

d) Cannot be determined

Question 9: Choose the set in which the statements are most logically related.
A. Some of my closest friends disapprove of me.
B. Some of my closest friends are aardvarks.
C. All of my closest friends disapprove of me.
D. All who disapprove of me are aardvarks.
E. Some who disapprove of me are aardvarks.
F. Some of my closest friends are no aardvarks.

a) BCD

b) ABD

c) BCE

d) ABE


The following questions relate to a game to be played by you and your friend. The game consists of a 4 x 4 board (see below) where each cell contains a positive integer. You and your friend make moves alternately. A move by any of the players consists of splitting the current board configuration into two equal halves and retaining one of them. In your moves you are allowed to split the board only vertically and to decide to retain either the left or the right half. Your friend, in his/her moves, can split the board only horizontally and can retain either the lower or the upper half. After two moves by each player a single cell will remain which can no longer be split and the number in that cell will be treated as the gain (in rupees) of the person who has started the game. A sample game is shown below. So your gain is Re.1. With the same initial board configuration as above and assuming that you have to make the first move, answer the following questions.
Initial Board

After your move (retain left)

After your friends move (retain upper)

After your move (retain right)

After your friends move (retain lower)

Question 10: If your first move is (retain right), then whatever moves your friend may select you can always force a gain of no less than

a) Rs.3

b) Rs.6

c) Rs.4

d) None of these

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)


According to given conditions , we get

Hence , diljit eats 5 idlis.

2) Answer (C)

Let at start no. of shares of both be 0 (No. of shares can be negative) and M and C be no. of shares at the end of 5th day. Following are the possibilities in the changes in share prices over days :

In the 5th possibility we can see that Chetan sold 10 shares of MCS on three consecutive days, while Michael sold 10 shares only once during the five days, so price of MCS at the end of day 3 was 110. Hence option C.

3) Answer (C)

The costs of the routes are as given below:
S – B – C – T = 7
S – B – A – T = 9
S – D – C – T = 10
S – D – T = 13
S – A -T = 14
Hence now 100% of the traffic flows through S – B – C – T
Now if we make the cost of traveling through S – B – C – T same as some other route not going through B, then the traffic will be equally distributed between these two routes. The lowest such route is S-D-C-T. The difference in cost = 3. Hence if we levy a toll of Rs.3 at B, the costs of SBCT and SBAT become 10,12 respectively and other routes are not affected. So 50% traffic flows through SBCT and 50% flows through SDCT . Hence cost in this policy = 10.

4) Answer (C)

If Elena Dementieva and Serena Williams lose in the second round, Nadia petrova  and patty schnyder will go through.

Hence ,in the quarter finals, following seed no. players will be in  quarter finals: 1,2,3,4,5,11,7,9.

So, now Maria Sharapova is ranked is 1 so she’ll play 9th seed player who is Nadia Petrova.

Hence option C.

5) Answer (B)

According to given conditions, the groups are as follows:
W1 : Sonali, Shalini, Shubhra ,Shahira and Rupa
W4: Somya , Ruchika, Jyotika, sweta
: Renuka, Rupali, Komal
: Ritu and Tara
: Radha
Hence, Radha must be alone in a group . Therefore, her trainer is Elina.

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6) Answer (B)

After first instruction: A = 5-2 = 3L. C = 2L. In the third instruction, A yields 2L to C. It means the capacity of A before third operation was 3L. It means that C’s water was either drained or transferred to B. Option B is correct.

7) Answer (B)

According to given conditions , for 10 kg it will take 2 hrs/10kg and total cost for 80 kg to be 160rs . for 20 kg it will take 5 hrs/20kg and total cost for 80 kg to be 200rs , for 40 kg it will take 10 hrs/40kg and total cost for 80 kg to be 200rs. So the cheapest is 160 rs.

8) Answer (D)

We dont know out of other 2 doctors which doctor is specialist in which disease.

So it is not possible to find out the exact order.

9) Answer (C)

There are six sentences given. So, there can be many combinations of the sentences possible. Therefore, we will check each of the option to find the correct answer.

In option A, BCD is given. Statement C says all of my closest friends disapprove of me and D says all who disapprove of me are aardvarks. So, all my closest friends must be aardvarks. But, this contradicts with statement B. Thus, option A is incorrect.

In option B, statement D cannot be inferred from A and B.

In option C, all three statements are logically connected.

In option D, E cannot be inferred from A and B.

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

10) Answer (A)

After retaining right in first move, second person will have 2 quarters to choose in which minimum value is 2 and 3.
If he retains upper half, i will retain right as to maximize my profit of either 4 or 7.
If he retains lower half, i will retain left as to maximize my profit of either 3 or 8.
Hence whatever he retains, i won’t have a profit less than 3.

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