LIC AAO Coding And Decoding Questions PDF

lic aao coding and decoding questions pdf
lic aao coding and decoding questions pdf

LIC AAO Coding And Decoding Questions PDF

Download Important Coding And Decoding questions for LIC AAO exam. Top 09 Coding And Decoding questions with answers based on previous year asked questions.

Download LIC AAO Coding And Decoding Questions PDF

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Question 1: If A is 1, B is 3, C is 5, D is 7, E is 9 and so on how will you spell ‘’BEAT’’ ?

a) 39135

b) 13736

c) 39139

d) 39141

Question 2: If ‘-’ stands for division, ‘+’ stands for subtraction, ‘$\div$’ stands for multiplication, ‘$\times$’ stands for addition, then which one of the following equations is correct ?

a) $70-2+4\div5\times6=44$

b) $70-2+4\div5\times6=21$

c) $70-2+4\div5\times6=341$

d) $70-2+4\div5\times6=36$

Question 3: If in a certain language KINDLE is coded as ELDNIK, how is EXOTIC coded in that code ?





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Question 4: Alphabets from A to Z ar coded into numbers 1 to 26. A word is coded by replacing its Alphabets with number of letters in the original word as an additional numbers to the right e.g., CAT is coded as 31203, ABC as 1233 and XYZ as 2425263. The coding may result in non-unique decoding.
Which of the following codes is guaranteed to have unique decoding ?

a) 12133

b) 15203

c) 1213214

d) None of these

Question 5: In a certain code, SUBSTITUTION is written as ITSBUSNOITUT. How is DISTRIBUTION written in that code ?






Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below :
In a certain code language,
‘’the day was good’’ is written as ‘’ni ko ya se’’
‘’smile each day’’ is written as ‘’am se ch’’
‘’each was unique’’ is written as ‘’so am ko’’

Question 6: What would be the code for ‘’each’’?

a) am

b) se

c) ch

d) ko

e) so

Question 7: What would be the code for ‘’smile was unique’’?

a) so am ni

b) ko ch ya

c) so ko ch

d) se ko ch

e) an ch ya

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Question 8: What would be the code for ‘good’?

a) ni

b) ya

c) ko

d) se

e) Either ‘ni’ or ‘ya’

Question 9: In a certain code language ‘ROUGH’ is written as ‘$\star$ # % & $’ and ‘MUCH’ is written as ‘+ % @ $’ How will HUMOUR be written in that code language?

a) & $\star$ % + # %

b) $ + # % $\star$ %

c) % $ $\star$ % + #

d) $ % + # % $\star$

e) $ $\star$ + % # %


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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

Now, If A is 1, B is 3, C is 5, D is 7, E is 9 and so on…

Going by this logic, we get T as 39

Hence, we can code BEAT as 39139

Therefore, option C is correct option.

2) Answer (B)

We have to analyse each and every expression with the correct symbols,
$70-2+4\div5\times6$ which is actually $70\div2-4\times5+6$
Now, solving $70\div2-4\times5+6$ = 35 – 20+6 = 21
Therefore, the correct option is option B.
3) Answer (C)

The code is obtained by reversing the letters.
Now, reversing the word EXOTIC, we get CITOXE.
Therefore, the code for EXOTIC is CITOXE.

The correct option is option C.
4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (D)

Here, the word is divided into four groups of three letters each.
Each group is used in its reverse manner in new word formed.
Observing the coding of SUBSTITUTION as ITSBUSNOITUT we get,
Therefore, option D is the correct answer.
6) Answer (A)

7) Answer (C)

8) Answer (E)

9) Answer (D)

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