Indian History Questions for Railway Exams – RRB ALP & Group-D

Indian History Questions for Railway Exams - RRB ALP & Group-D
Indian History Questions for Railway Exams - RRB ALP & Group-D

Indian History Questions for Railway Exams – RRB ALP & Group-D:

Download Indian History questions and answers for railway loco pilot (ALP),  technician and group-D. GK Questions on history based on previous asked papers of railway exams.

Indian History Questions for Railway Exams

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Question 1:

Kabir was a disciple of which among the following saints?

a) Ravidas
b) Ramananda
c) Jaydeva
d) Sukhanada

Question 2:

In which period “ Arthshastra” was written?

a) Maurya
b) Kushana
c) Shaka
d) Gupta

Question 3:

The Mughal emperor who introduced the military strategy “Tulughama”?

a) Babar
b) Akbar
c) Aramshah
d) Humayun

Question 4:

What is the name of first British to visit India?

a) Lewis Mountbatten
b) Hawkins
c) Christopher
d) Edward

Question 5:

Who was the last king of the Lodhi dynasty?

a) Sikandar Lodhi
b) Bahlol Lodhi
c) Ibrahim Lodhi
d) Daulat Khan Lodhi
e)None of these

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Question 6:

When was third Anglo-Mysore war fought?

a) 1788-90
b) 1785-89
c) 1780-82
d) 1790-92

Question 7:

The founder of Asaf Jah Dynasty, Mir Qamaruddin khan Belongs to which region?

a) Lucknow
b) Bengal
c) Hyderabad
d) Varanasi

Question 8:

The foundation of Mughal empire is laid by which of the following rulers after defeating Ibrahim Lodi that marked the end of Lodhi Dynasty?

a) Aurangazeb
b) Jahangir
c) Akbar
d) Babur

Question 9:

Who raised the Slogan ” Swaraj ” is my Birth Right and I shall have it?

a) Raj Guru
b) Subash Chandra Bose
c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
d) Mahatma Gandhi

Question 10:

Who was the founder of the Gupta Dynasty?

a) Chandragupta I
b) Pulakeshin II
c) Chandragupta II
d) Narasimhavarma I

Solutions 1 to 8 

1) Answer (b)
2) Answer (a)
3) Answer (a)
4) Answer (b)
5) Answer (c)
6) Answer (d)
7) Answer (c)
8) Answer (d)
9) Answer (c)
10) Answer (a)

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