How To Prepare Reasoning for IBPS PO Exam

how to prepare reasoning for IBPS PO exam
how to prepare reasoning for IBPS PO exam

How To Prepare Reasoning For IBPS PO Exam

In all banking exams, Reasoning section plays an important role. This is the scoring subject  compared to the other subjects, and can easily push your overall score. However, it is not that easy subject and requires a lot of preparation as it tests your thinking ability.

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While in IBPS PO, the marks for Reasoning Section are 35 in IBPS PO Prelims and 60 marks in IBPS PO Mains Exam. In the mains exam reasoning combines with computer section. Here are some important tricks to help you easily score good marks in the Reasoning Section in IBPS PO Examination.

IBPS PO Reasoning Syllabus:

  1. Coded inequality
  2. Alphanumeric series
  3. Direction/Alphabet Test
  4. Data Sufficiency
  5. Puzzle
  6. Seating Arrangement
  7. Syllogism
  8. Input and out put
  9. Blood Relation
  10. Analogy
  11. Statement and argument
  12. Coding and decoding
  13. Order and Ranking
  14. Logical Reasoning

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How to Prepare Reasoning For IBPS PO Exam


  1. The easy topics in Reasoning Part are directions sense, alphabet numeric problems, blood relationship problems, inequalities, coding and decoding etc.. The candidates who are not good in solving reasoning section, try to solve this type of topics first. This is useful because it helps to score more marks in this section.
  2. After getting complete knowledge on the above topics, try to practise other topics like puzzles, input and output, seating arrangement problems, these topics take a more time and questions based in this topics are more complex. Total 15 to 20 marks are coming from these topics. Try to solve more questions from these topics it will help you solve the questions easily at the time of the exam.
  3. If you are weak in reasoning section, try to solve, topic wise practise questions and write sectional tests regularly.

Try to solve previous year Questions papers it will help you to understand the pattern of the exam as well what type of questions that are asked in the exam form this Reasoning section.

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Important Reasoning Tips For IBPS PO Prelims Exam 

  1. Firstly solve miscellaneous questions in reasoning section like blood relations, alphanumeric problems, etc..
  2. Don’t waste the time when you feel the question is confusing. Try to leave those questions and choose another one.
  3. Don’t guess the answer while solving the questions because negative marking is there in IBPS PO Examination
  4. Inequalities and coding-decoding are scoring sections in IBPS PO Exam try to solve these questions first.
  5. Know-a-days syllogisms are coming tricky in the IBPS PO. Practise more Syllogism questions as possible. It will help you to solve these questions easily in the exam.
  6. If you feel puzzle solving is tough, try to solve them at the end as it will consume time and also it is difficult to understand for you.
  7. Try to avoid data sufficiency problems if you feel difficult in IBPS PO Prelims exam

Regular practice is important to score good marks in Reasoning section. Try to answer the questions as quickly as possible.

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