How to prepare IBPS PO 2019 Without Coaching

IBPS PO preparation with out coaching
IBPS PO preparation with out coaching

How to prepare IBPS PO 2019 Without Coaching

In this article we will explain how to prepare IBPS PO 2019 without coaching, if you follow this strategy perfectly cracking any bank exam without coaching become comprehensively easy. You just need to give  proper direction for your self-study, and you can easily clear any bank exam without coaching.

The prelims exam conducted by all banks almost all similar but the mains exam differ to exam to exam. Below is the IBPS PO 2019 Prelims Exam Pattern.

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Section wise preparation for IBPO PO 2019 Exam without coaching: 

IBPS PO Prelims Exam Pattern:

Sections No of questions Maximum Marks Time duration
English Language 30 30 60 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
Reasoning Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

IBPS PO Mains Exam:

The subjects included in the mains exam are as given below:

  1. English Language
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Reasoning Ability
  4. Computer Awareness
  5.  General Awareness

Just Knowing the exam pattern is not the only important to your preparation strategy. You need more than that. You should be knowledge of the syllabus of the exam. Generally all banking exams succeed the same syllabus. You should be updated with the topics listed in the exam. This will help you in future preparation.

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Bank Exam Preparation without coaching : Important Points

Once you have a good knowledge of the exam syllabus and pattern of the exam you are preparing for, it is perfect time to you start your preparation. This is the Important point here you should understand how to prepare for bank exam without coaching and this will happen by remembering the following points.

Important Points :

  1. First you get clear knowledge about all the concepts of banking syllabus.
  2. In the starting of the preparation start with easy topic wise quiz
  3. Start to write mock exams after you preparation
  4. Spend some time to write daily mock test, it will help you taking the exam under time-pressure.
  5. Analysis of mock test is very important as it will helps you to find out your strength and weaknesses
  6. Make study plan, prepare a comprehensive time table for your preparation.

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Banking PO Exam Preparation without Coaching

We give you a detail preparation strategy for the bank exams. Remember the following points for topic wise preparation.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Preparation Tips For Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. Follow school level maths syllabus. This will help you in covering most of the topics like simplifications, approximations, profit and loss, percentages, etc..
  2. Revise the important topics and shortcuts regularly.
  3. Learn short cut tricks for solving the questions.
  4. Remember the important points and formulas.
  5. Practise as much as the sectional quiz and mock test as possible.
  6. Analyse the mock test to find your strength and weakness. Put more effort in your weaker section
  7. Practise and know different type of questions. The questions can be asked in a different way in the exam.

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 Reasoning Ability :

Preparation Tips For Reasoning ability:

  1. Always start your preparation with the most important topics.
  2. Prepare a time table for every topic based on the difficulty level.
  3. Make a note of important points and steps while solving the questions.
  4. Don’t learn new topics at the final moment
  5. Write a sectional test daily. It will use full to you find your strength and weakness.
  6. Practice example questions as many as possible of every type.
  7. Go through example questions and practice as many questions as possible of every type, particularly from the difficult topics.

English Language:

Preparation tips for the English language:

  1. Read the newspapers, novels and magazines regular basis

2. Make a note to write new words it will help you improve your vocabulary

3. Focus on the part of the speech, tenses, prepositions synonyms and antonyms, etc..

4. Watch English movies and read English articles it will help your grammar and vocabulary understanding.

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Computer Awareness :

Preparation Tips for Computer Awareness

  1. Solve the computer quiz daily basis
  2. Always practice on a desktop to understand practical knowledge.
  3. Refer your academic books for computer software and hardware knowledge
  4. For the practical knowledge practice keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Have a basic knowledge of how a computer system works.
  6. Prepare important points related to every topic while your preparation, and revise it regularly.

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General Awareness :

Preparation tips for General Awareness

  1. Spend 1 hr every day to study for the General Awareness (GA) section
  2. Write a daily GK quiz for this section
  3. Revision is the most important in the section, regularly.
  4. Read current affairs regularly.

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Now that you have a clear knowledge of how to prepare for bank exam without coaching, we hope you make it to the cutoff marks without difficulty. In fact, be in a position to score as high as possible because clearing the cutoff alone doesn’t guarantee selection. You can practice the Bank Mock Test and test your knowledge of the topics you are preparing for on cracku right from your home. Always maintain accuracy while solving any test paper.

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