How To Improve Vocabulary For The IBPS PO Exam

how to improve vocabulary for ibps po exam
how to improve vocabulary for IBPS PO exam

How To Improve Vocabulary For The IBPS PO Exam

In this article we are going to explain how to prepare vocabulary for IBPS PO Exam. Students Generally ask us questions like  How to solve vocabulary for IBPS PO? How to improve vocabulary for bank exams? How to become an expert in vocabulary questions for bank PO? Vocabulary based questions are the most dreadful part of the Verbal Reasoning section of Banking Exam.

Well, to be really specific and honest, there is no easy way to improve your vocabulary for bank exams. You can spend hours and hours memorising words from flash cards without it making any significant impact on your scores. In that context, the test-maker doesn’t even expect you to be an Oxford Dictionary. All they want to check is your understanding skills i.e. your ability to grasp the intended meaning.

Building a good vocabulary goes a long way in assist you with the Verbal Reasoning Section. Additionally, each question type, in some manner or the other, checks your ability to understand the meaning and the meaning of different words.

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Commonly Asked Vocabulary Questions in IBPS PO

The most commonly asked question types in Banking Exams of IBPS & SBI PO are-

  1. In the reading comprehension vocabulary based questions asked directly in the form of antonyms and synonyms. So, having a excellent vocabulary immediately helps you in solving 30-40% of Reading Comprehension questions for Bank PO exams.
  2. In Fill in the blanks, students have to choose words which appropriately fits in the sentence. Thus, it is no difficult to realise that having good vocabulary is vital to solving such questions.
  3. Similar to fill in the blanks, understanding the meaning of the words in the options is essential to such questions. A good vocabulary will help you to set up a clear distinction between the close options in Cloze Test.
  4. A direct application of your vocabulary skills. From spotting the spelling mistakes to identifying words that don’t fit in the context, vocabulary is an essential part of such questions.

The next question is how to improve vocabulary for bank exams?

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How to improve vocabulary for IBPS PO exams:

  1. Best way to improve the vocabulary is to make a habit of reading news-papers, novels, magazines, regularly. Reading various books, novels could help the candidate to become expert in this section. Note the new words while reading and try to make sentence for that words.
  2. Stop watching local language channels in your leisure time, try to watch English news, movies, TV series debates etc. regularly. In addition to this, you will also get to learn a lot about phonetics and the correct pronunciation of words which will improve your speaking skills.
  3. Usage of the words is most important, candidates must learn the words and they should use it in a proper way. This helps the candidate to have an idea of where in which context of the word used.
  4. Try to solve vocabulary related questions as you can. Solving previous year’s papers vocabulary questions will also give you a complete idea of the kind of questions asked in Bank PO exams. Also try out our Free IBPS PO mocks,  Even if you don’t know the meaning of the word, you can answer the question based on the context of the sentence.
  5. Install english dictionary on your mobile and use it in your free time in a fruitful manner. This also means that you can easily watch it for words while you are reading on your phone.

Some of the popular Dictionary Apps are-

  • Oxford
  • Merriam Webster
  • Vocabulary Builder

These dictionaries are very short and also create a list of words what you have looked for. Make a remember these words once in a while may further use you in retaining them. They also have Word Games which is a fun way to learn new words. Vocabulary games helps to expert new words and promotes the candidate to use it in an proper way to apply the vocabulary skills for bank PO exam.

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