Expected General Awareness Questions for SSC CHSL 2020 PDF

Expected General Awareness Questions for SSC CHSL 2020 PDF
Expected General Awareness Questions for SSC CHSL 2020 PDF

Expected General Awareness Questions for SSC CHSL 2020 PDF

Download SSC CHSL Expected General Awareness Questions with answers  PDF based on previous year papers very useful for SSC CHSL Exams. Top-50 Very Important General Awareness Questions for SSC Exam

Download Expected General Awareness Questions for SSC CHSL 2020 PDF

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More SSC CHSL Important Questions and Answers PDF

Question 1: Which Sikh Guru called himself the “Sachcha Badshah”?

a) Guru Gobind Singh

b) Guru Hargovind

c) Guru Tegh Bahadur

d) Guru Arjun Dev

Question 2: Fa-hien visited India during the reign of which ruler?

a) Chandragupta II

b) Samundragupta

c) Ramagupta

d) Kumaragupta

Question 3: At which place in Bengal was the East India Company given permission to trade and build a factory by the Mughals in 1651?

a) Calcutta

b) Cassim Bazar

c) Singur

d) Burdwan

Question 4: Which of the following Indonesian regions was a victim of massive earthquake in 2004?

a) Irian Jaya

b) Sumatra

c) Kalibangan

d) Java

Question 5: Which one of the following states does not form part of Narmada River basin?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Rajasthan

c) Gujarat

d) Maharashtra

Question 6: Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by which process?

a) Afforestation

b) Terrace cultivation

c) Strip cropr

d) Contour ploughing

Question 7: As per the recent announcement, the Govt. of India will provide an amount of Rs.48,000 crore to develop Rural Infrastructure in the country. This planned development is being undertaken under which of the following schemes ?

a) Bharat Nirman

b) Indira Aawas Yojana

c) Backward Region Grant Fund

d) Drought Mitigation Fund

e) None of these

Question 8: How much funds has been allocated to the Unique Identification Authority of India?

a) Rs 1,500 Crore

b) Rs 1,900 Crore

c) Rs 1,600 Crore

d) Rs 1,800 Crore

e) None of these

Question 9: Who amongst the following was the Chairperson of the 3th Finance Commission which submitted its report to the President of India recently ?

a) Mr. M. V. Kamath

b) Dr. C. Rangarajan

c) Dr. D. Subbarao

d) Dr. Rakesh Mohan

e) Dr. Vijay Kelkar

Question 10: Supersonic air planes create a shock wave called

a) Transition wave

b) Ultrasound

c) Transverse wave

d) Sonic boom

Question 11: Which of the following plant pigments absorbs in red and far-red region of light?

a) Chlorophyll

b) Phytochrome

c) Cryptochrome

d) Carotenoids

Question 12: Which of the following folk dances is associated with Rajasthan?

a) Rauf

b) Jhora

c) Veedhi

d) Suisini

Question 13: Which of the following folk/tribal dances is associated with Karnataka?

a) Yakshagana

b) Veedhi

c) Jatra

d) Jhora


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Question 14: Which vitamin requires cobalt for its activity?

a) Vitamin B12

b) Vitamin D

c) Vitamin B2

d) Vitamin A

Question 15: After the latest global slowdown and financial crisis, a debate is going on, on “Dollar Hegemony”. ‘What does it really mean ? In simple terms
(A)it is the trade practice prevalent all over the world in which USA provides dollars and the rest of the world manufactures the commodities which dollars can purchase.
(B) it is the situation in which all the nations are forcefully required to evaluate their local currencies against the value of the dollars. Hence countries are forced to keep as many dollars as they can to operate safely in global markets.
(C) now economists all over the world are trying to nd out a solution to come out of this dollar trap as this hegemony prevents exporting nations from spending domestically the dollars they have earned from USA.

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) Only A & C

e) All A, B & C

Question 16: Arrange the following in chronological order:
1. Tughlaqs 2. Lodis 3. Saiyids 4. Ilbari Turks 5. Khiljis

a) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

b) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

c) 2, 4, 5, 3, 1

d) 4, 5, 1, 3, 2

Question 17: The term ‘Caste’ was derived from which language

a) Portuguese

b) Dutch

c) German

d) English

Question 18: The Lodi dynasty was founded by

a) Ibrahim Lodi

b) Sikandar Lodi

c) Bahlul Khan Lodi

d) Khizr Khan

Question 19: Harshvardhana was defeated by which ruler that led to the end of the Pushyabhuti dynasty?

a) Prabhakaravardhana

b) Pulakesin II

c) Narasimhasvarma Pallava

d) Sasanka

Question 20: Which emperor was an illiterate?

a) Jahangir

b) Shah Jahan

c) Akbar

d) Aurangazeb

Question 21: Which Governor General is associated with Doctrine of Lapse?

a) Lord Ripon

b) Lord Dalhousie

c) Lord Bentinck

d) Lord Curzon

Question 22: In which state is Sunderbans situated?

a) Odisha

b) West Bengal

c) Jharkhand

d) Assam

e) Uttarakhand

Question 23: Indian Standard Time relates to

a) 75.5o E longitude

b) 82.5o E longitude

c) 90.5o E longitude

d) 0o longitude

Question 24: Who coined the word ‘Geography’?

a) Ptolemy

b) Eratosthenese

c) Hacataus

d) Herodatus

Question 25: Which of the following is called the ‘ecological hot spot of India’?

a) Western Ghats

b) Eastern Ghals

c) Western Himalayas

d) Eastern Himalayas




Question 26: The art and science of map making is called

a) Remote Sensing

b) Cartography

c) Photograrnmetry

d) Mapping

Question 27: The Union Budget for 2013-14 proposed by the Finance Minister on 28th February 2013 announced introduction of a new variety of bonds by the Government. What is the name of these bonds?

a) Deep Discount Bonds

b) Zero Coupon bonds

c) Bullet Bonds

d) Inflation Indexed Bonds

e) Inflation Variable Bonds

Question 28: Government usually classifies its expenditure in terms of planned and non-planned expenditure. Identify which is the correct definition of planned expenditure.

a) It represent the expenditure of all the State Governments.

b) It represents the total expenditure or the Central Government.

c) It is the expenditure which is spent through centrally sponsored programmes and flagship schemes of the Government.

d) It reprensents the expenditure incurred on Defence.

e) Other than those given as options

Question 29: Which of the following organisations is made specifically responsible for empowering Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in India?


b) RBI




Question 30: The Home Minister of India was recently on a visit to Bangladesh, where both the countries signed a Coordinated Border Management Plan (CBMP). What are the major points of this agreement?
(A) The plan will help in resolving the long-pending border dispute between both the nations.
(B) The head count of the people living in enclaves on the border will be completed within next six months’ time.
(C) India assured that no BSF Jawan will open fire on the people crossing the borders unless there is an attack on them.

a) Only (A)

b) Only (B)

c) Only C

d) All (A), (B) and (C)

e) Both (A) and (C)

Question 31: The Govt. of India recently decided to raise the price of oil products like; diesel, petrol and cooking gas. However some taxes on these products were reduced or scrapped altogether. What were these taxes which were reduced or scrapped? (A)Customs Duty (B)VAT (C)Excise Duty

a) Only (A)

b) Both (A) and (B)

c) Both (A) and (C)

d) Both (B) and (C)

e) All (A), (B) and (C)

Question 32: Spring tides occur when ______.

a) the moon, the sun and the earth are in the same line

b) the sun is closest to earth

c) the moon is farthest from earth

d) the earth is at right angles with the sun and the moon

Question 33: Why does a fountain pen leak in aeroplane flying at a height?

a) Because of reduced viscosity of the ink in the pen

b) Because of increased viscosity of the ink in the pen

c) Because of higher atmospheric pressure outside the pen

d) Because of lower atmospheric pressure outside the pen

Question 34: What are the two kinds of Rotatory motion?

a) Spin and Vibrational motion

b) Spin and Orbital motion

c) Spin and Translatory motion

d) Spin and Projectile motion

Question 35: …………is the perpendicular distance between point of application of force and axis of rotation.

a) Moment arm

b) Moment of Inertia

c) Altitude

d) Base

Question 36: What is the unit of electric resistance?

a) Dyne

b) Pascal

c) Joule

d) Ohms

Question 37: Which of the following folk dances is associated with Rajasthan?

a) Rauf

b) Jhora

c) Veedhi

d) Suisini

Question 38: Which of the following folk/tribal dances is associated with Karnataka?

a) Yakshagana

b) Veedhi

c) Jatra

d) Jhora

Question 39: Ghumura is a folk dance of ______________

a) Odisha

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Jammu & Kashmir

d) Maharashtra

Question 40: Ghoomar is a folk dance of _________ .

a) Mizoram

b) Puducherry

c) Gujarat

d) Rajasthan

Question 41: The oldest rock-cut architecture is found in ________________.

a) Rajasthan

b) Bihar

c) Karnataka

d) Mizoram

Question 42: One of the digestive juices that lacks enzymes but aids digestion is

a) Bile

b) Succus Entericus

c) Chyme

d) Chyle

Question 43: Which of the following is not related to vitamin “B” complex group ?

a) Thiamin

b) Retinol

c) Folic Acid

d) riboflavin

Question 44: Deficiency of vitamin ……………. is the main cause for ‘Beri-Beri Disease’

a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin C

c) Vitamin B

d) Vitamin K

Question 45: ‘Soyabean’ contains a high level of

a) Proteins

b) Vitamins

c) Carbohydrates

d) None of these

Question 46: The Human body contains how much percentage of water?

a) 75%

b) 80%

c) 45%

d) 90%

Question 47: Which organism possesses characteristics of a plant and an animal?

a) Euglena

b) Mycoplasma

c) Paramecium

d) Chlorella

Question 48: Oxyntic cell is meant for the secretion of

a) Pepsin

b) Enterokinase

c) Hydrochloric acid

d) Lactic acid

Question 49: Which of the following is considered an Annual Indicator of the Economy of the country ?
(A) Actual Rainfall
(B) Population
(C) Whole sale price index

a) Only (A)

b) Only (B)

c) Only (C)

d) All (A), (B) and (C)

e) None of these

Question 50: Many a times we read in the newspapers a term ‘HOT MONEY’. Which of the following is the correct de nition of HOT MONEY ?
(A) This is the fund which is dumped into a country to get the advantage of a favourable interest rate and hence brings higher returns.
(B) This is the fund which is provided by a bank in US$ at very short notice and at a very high rate of interest and for a longer period of repayment.
(C) This is the fund which is pushed into market through Hawala or some other such illegal methods and sometimes referred also as Black Money.

a) Only (A) is correct

b) Both (A) and (B) are correct

c) Only (C) is correct

d) Both (A) and (C) are correct

e) Only (B) is correct



Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (A)

8) Answer (B)

9) Answer (E)

10) Answer (D)

11) Answer (A)

12) Answer (D)

13) Answer (A)

14) Answer (A)

15) Answer (B)

16) Answer (D)

17) Answer (A)

18) Answer (C)

19) Answer (B)

20) Answer (C)

21) Answer (B)

22) Answer (B)

23) Answer (B)

24) Answer (B)

25) Answer (A)

26) Answer (B)

27) Answer (D)

28) Answer (C)

29) Answer (C)

30) Answer (E)

31) Answer (C)

32) Answer (A)

33) Answer (D)

34) Answer (B)

35) Answer (A)

36) Answer (D)

37) Answer (D)

38) Answer (A)

39) Answer (A)

40) Answer (D)

41) Answer (B)

42) Answer (A)

43) Answer (B)

44) Answer (C)

45) Answer (A)

46) Answer (A)

47) Answer (A)

48) Answer (C)

49) Answer (D)

50) Answer (A)


SSC CHSL Important Q&A PDF

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