Cloze Test Questions For IBPS RRB Clerk

cloze test questions for ibps rrb clerk
cloze test questions for ibps rrb clerk

Cloze Test Questions For IBPS RRB Clerk

Download Top-20 IBPS RRB Clerk Cloze Test Questions PDF. Cloze Test questions based on asked questions in previous year exam papers very important for the IBPS RRB Assistant exam

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Fill up the blanks in the passage given be most appropriate word from the options given for each blanks:
Although John Wisdom’s writings in Philosophy show clearly the influence of Wittgenstein, they nevertheless also display a(1) originality. Despite the (2) and difficulty of his style, a careful reading of Wisdom is seldom (3) He is unique kind of genius in Philosophy.This essay is an excellent example of Wisdom’s repeated attempts to (4) the ultimate bases of philosophical perplexity. A great deal of the time Wisdom is (5) interested in finding out why metaphysicians feel (6) to utter such strange sentence e.g. “Time is unreal”, “There are no material things”, etc. According to Wisdom such sentences are both false (and perhaps meaningless) and year. (7) Even more than Wittgenstein, Wisdom has stressed the ‘Therapeutic conception of Philosophy, a view that comes out clearly in this essay where the emphasises that analogy between philosophical and neurotic distress (8) them with other kinds of problems.The reader who is interested in gaining a fuller (9) with Wisdom’s thought is referred to his famous article ‘gods’ in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis. Other Minds is most (10) discussion of a single topic and in many ways his finest work.

Question 1: 20

a) depressed

b) confined

c) alluded

d) compelled

e) adapted

Question 2: 21

a) illuminating

b) damaging

c) confusing

d) critical

e) unreliable

Question 3: 22

a) illuminating

b) damaging

c) confusing

d) critical

e) unreliable

Question 4: 23

a) compelling

b) associating

c) contrasting

d) describing

e) advocating

Question 5: 24

a) comparison

b) analysis

c) agreement

d) elaboration

e) acquaintance

Question 6: 25

a) projected

b) sustained

c) prolonged

d) prolific

e) attributed


In the following passage  some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.

Mass communication is the delivery of….(1)...., ideas and entertainment to thousands or millions of …….(2)…….simultaneously; it is a force with incalculable…..(3)….on today’s world. The ….(4)….. of mass communication rests…..(5)……the skills of the communicator to…..(6)…..the recipient’s thinking….(7)…..stir emotions, to ……(8)…..him or her to…..(9)…..Mass communication is the one-to-one impact of one human intelligence upon…..(10)……carried on thousand fold simultaneously among individuals who have no direct personal contact.

Question 7: 1

a) Items

b) News

c) Advertisements

d) Cartoons

Question 8: 2

a) People

b) Pictures

c) Advertisements

d) Items

Question 9: 3

a) Worth

b) Impact

c) Force

d) Value

Question 10: 4

a) Dynamism

b) Force

c) Success

d) Power

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Question 11: 5

a) Against

b) Under

c) To

d) Upon

Question 12: 6

a) Stimulate

b) Agitate

c) Understand

d) Minimize

Question 13: 7

a) For

b) To

c) With

d) From

Question 14: 8

a) Encourage

b) Persuade

c) Discourage

d) Endanger

Question 15: 9

a) Direction

b) Function

c) Action

d) Mission

Question 16: 10

a) Another

b) People

c) Man

d) Women


Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words.

My devout astonishment at the supreme grandeur of the scenery by which I was surrounded, continued to ___(1)___ my mind. The warmth of the fires and preparations for supper, however, awakened in me other sensations, which rapidly ___(2)___ my excitement. As we rode up, Major Savage remarked to Capt. Boling, “We had better move on up, and hunt out the “Grizzlies” before we go into camp for the night. We shall yet have considerable time to look about this hole before dark.” Captain Boling then reported that the young guide had halted here, and poured out a volley of Indian lingo which no one could understand, and had given a negative shake of his head when the course was pointed out, and ___(3)___ were made for him to move on. The Captain, not ___(4)___ this performance, had followed the trail of the Indians to the bank of the stream near by, but had not ___(5)___ further, thinking it best to wait for Major Savage to come up. After a few inquiries, the Major said there was a ford below, where the Indians crossed the Merced; and that he would go with the guide and examine it. Major Savage and Captains Boling and Dill then started down to the crossing. They soon ___(6)___, and we were ordered to arrange our camp for the night. Captain Boling said the Merced was too high to 58 ford. The river had ___(7)___ during the day from the melting of the snow, but would fall again by morning.

The guide had told the Major there was no other way up the valley, as it was impossible to pass the rocks on the south side of the stream. From this, it was ___(8)___ the Major had never before seen the valley, and upon inquiry, said so. One of our best men, Tunnehill, who had been listening to what the Captain was saying, very positively remarked: “I have long since learned to ___(9)___ everything told by an Indian. I never knew one to tell the truth. This imp of Satan has been lying to the Major, and to me his object is very transparent. He knows a better ford than the one below us.” A comrade laughingly observed: “Perhaps you can find it for the Major, and help him give us an evening ride; I have had all the exercise I need to-day, and feel as ___(10)___ as a wolf.” Without a reply, Tunnehill mounted his little black mule and left at a gallop.

Question 17: (1)

a) chagrin

b) engross

c) circumvent

d) beguile

e) disenchant

Question 18: (2)

a) dissipated

b) accumulated

c) consumed

d) devoured

e) mishandled

Question 19: (3)

a) assurances

b) inklings

c) models

d) signs

e) heralds

Question 20: (4)

a) encompassing

b) soliciting

c) comprehending

d) supplicating

e) culminating

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (A)

5) Answer (A)

6) Answer (A)

7) Answer (B)

The passage starts with description of ‘Mass communication’, which is related to imparting or exchanging information, hence the word news best fits in the first place.

=> Ans – (B)

8) Answer (A)

The word people best fits in the second place, since the sentence expresses ‘sharing of ideas to millions’.

=> Ans – (A)

9) Answer (B)

The third sentence itself speaks about force, hence third option is not possible. The word that perfectly fits should be ‘effect’ or impact.

=> Ans – (B)

10) Answer (C)

The previous sentence shows that mass communication has a positive and huge impact on the world, hence the word success best fits the fourth sentence.

=> Ans – (C)

11) Answer (D)

The tone of the sentence clearly indicates that a preposition is to be filled which indicates ‘onto something’, hence the correct option is upon.

=> Ans – (D)

12) Answer (A)

The sentence talks about success and positive impact of mass communication, hence the words agitate and minimize can not be used. Stimulate means to encourage or arouse interest, hence it perfectly fits the above sentence.

=> Ans – (A)

13) Answer (B)

The last word before the lank space is thinking (a verb ending with ‘ing’), hence the preposition to is used.

=> Ans – (B)

14) Answer (A)

The paragraph talks about success and positive impact of mass communication, hence the words discourage and endanger can not be used. Thus, the perfect that fits the sentence is encourage.

=> Ans – (A)

15) Answer (C)

The words ‘direction’ and ‘mission’ do not fit as they do not make any sense with respect to the sentence. Thus, the word action perfectly fits the sentence.

=> Ans – (C)

16) Answer (A)

Since, the word ‘one’ is followed by another as in ‘one another’, thus the word another best fits the above sentence.

=> Ans – (A)

17) Answer (B)

In the sentence before the blank, we see that the author was astonished by the grandeur of the scenery. Hence, the blank must be a positive word. ‘Chagrin’ means feel distressed or humiliated, ‘circumvent’ which means finding the way around an obstacle, ‘beguile’ means charm or enchant deceptively and ‘disenchant’ means to be disappointed. Hence, option a, c, d and e can be eliminated. ‘Engross’ which means to absorb all the interest, must be correct. Hence, option B is the right choice.

18) Answer (A)

The use of ‘however’ in the sentence suggests that the warmth would remove the astonishment from the author. Hence, option b, c, and d can be eliminated. ‘Mishandled my excitement’ doesn’t fit in logically. Hence, ‘dissipated’ which means disappear must be correct. Hence, option A must be the right answer.
Hence, option A is the right choice.

19) Answer (D)

The sentence before the blank suggests that the route was being pointed out or signs were given. So option a and c which are out of context can be eliminated. ‘Herald’ means person or thing seen as a sign of something to happen. So even option e is incorrect. ‘Inkling’ which means slight suspicion or hint doesn’t fit as perfectly as ‘signs’. Hence, option D is the correct option.

20) Answer (C)

The sentence suggests that instead of following the signs given, the captain followed trails of the Indians. So option c, according to which, the captain didn’t understand the signs given must be the right. Other options don’t fit in the situation at all. Hence, option C is the correct option.

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