1 Month to CAT – CAT preparation in 30 days

How to prepare for CAT in 30 days (1 month preparation plan)
30 Days to CAT - Prepare for CAT 2018 in 1 month

How to prepare for CAT in 1 month

CAT is scheduled to be conducted on 24th of November. Aspirants can download the admit card from 23rd of October. Take free CAT mock tests regularly to keep track of your preparation in these last few days. After taking the mock, try to analyse where you fall short of your required target. In this article, we try to explain how to complete your CAT preparation in 1 month.

Solve previous year papers of CAT to familiarize yourself with the exam. Online preparation for CAT can also be of help to aspirants who want to fast track their preparation. This blog will for aspirants who are thinking to prepare for CAT in 1 month.

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Free CAT Mock Test

CAT preparation in 1 month:

How to crack CAT in 30 Days

  • As the time available is limited, it will be tough to complete your CAT preparation in 1 month or 30 days through the conventional way. Hence, avoid starting from books.
  • Take a free CAT mock test to see where you stand now.
  • Sketch out a plan to work on your weak areas. After taking the mock test, you will have some vague idea about the ground left to cover.
  • Start by revising the fundamentals. Keep a day or two aside just to revise the fundamentals you have learned so far. Ability to recollect a concept is critical. Hence, start by revising the basics.
  • Once you are done with the basics, start your preparation by solving and analysing mock tests. From now on, take mocks at regular intervals. Take at least two mock tests every week. After the mock, try to solve the questions you have gotten wrong without looking at the solution.
  • Learn by solving questions rather than going through theory. The time available will hardly permit you to complete reading the theory. Hence, learn through practice questions and mocks.
  • Maintain a repository of the questions you erred at. Revise these questions before actual CAT to avoid repeating the mistakes.
  • Try to score as high as possible in the section of your strength. Doing so will enhance your overall percentile by a good margin. Hence, make sure that you exploit your strengths in the exam.
  • Also, make sure that you clear the cut offs in sections you are not comfortable with. Most of the premier institutes have sectional cut offs. Hence, make sure that you meet their criteria.

CAT Previous papers (download pdf)

CAT 30 Days Excellent Crash Course

Strategy to attempt the paper:

  • Having a sound strategy is important. Try different strategies in the mock exams. Then, select the one that suits you the most. Also, put your strategy to test in 2 or 3 mock tests to ensure that it works fine.
  • Also, do not be too rigid with your strategy. Design your strategy such that it is flexible. CAT may throw in a few surprises. Hence, be open to tweaking your strategy depending on the paper.
  • Do not go in with a fixed number of attempts in mind. Decide the number of questions to be attempted based on the level of difficulty of the exam.
  • Also, do not get complacent after a certain number of attempts. Maintain your intensity throughout the exam.
  • Be careful with set selection in DILR. A few wrong sets can drown you in the exam. Hence, set aside some time to select the sets. Also, avoid rushing through the calculation part. Don’t let your efforts go in vain due to silly mistakes.
  • Avoid spending too much time on a single question. Know when to move on. Skipping the questions that are meant to be skipped is important. Hence, have some broad guidelines to skip questions based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Try to maintain a high accuracy. Barring VARC section, try to maintain an accuracy close to 100%.

Verbal Ability CAT Questions PDF

Download CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Final revision and CAT D-day tips:

  • Revise all the fundas every week so that they stay fresh in your memory. Check whether you can recollect a concept at the drop of a hat. Make a note of the important formulas and theorems. Revise them from time to time.
  • On the last few days preceding CAT, stop giving mocks. Revise the basics and give the exam with a cool head.
  • Avoid panicking during the exam. Start with your strong suit. Getting a few questions right can boost your confidence.
  • Make sure that you get to see all the questions in the section. A few sitters may be sitting at the farther end of the paper. Hence, choose the questions to attempt wisely.
  • We hope that this article on how to complete your 30 Days to CAT would have helped you a bit in understanding how to complete your CAT preparation in 1 month. Try reading our other related blogs on how to improve mock CAT scores and how to get into IIM with poor academics.

Also, try Free CAT Online Preparation to prepare for CAT interactively.

CAT 30 Days Excellent Crash Course


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