CAT 2017 slot 1 and slot 2 exam analysis

CAT 2017 Slot 1 and slot 2 exam analysis
CAT 2017 Slot 1 and slot 2 exam analysis

CAT 2017 was conducted on 26th November. Most aspirants may be looking to know about the expected cut-offs and decent attempts. In this article, we try to provide you with detailed CAT 2017 slot 1 analysis and CAT 2017 slot 2 analysis.

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CAT 2017 slot 1 analysis:

The morning slot was similar to CAT 2016 in pattern. There were no major surprises. However, there was a marked improvement in the level of difficulty of LRDI section.

Verbal Ability section:

CAT has been shying away from abstract topics and this year was no exception. The RCs were easy to read and were in line in difficulty level with CAT 2016. The passages were pleasant to read. Questions did not pose much challenge as well. In most of the questions, students can eliminate 2 options without much thought. It was a bit difficult to choose between the last 2 options.

The summary questions were moderate in the level of difficulty. Para jumble questions were extremely tough and hence, they are best left alone.

Summary questions have been converted from TITA to MCQs, thereby reducing the number of TITA questions to 7. Summary questions had negative marks for wrong answers too.

We can consider 28+ attempts with 90% accuracy to be a good performance.

DILR section:

Easily, the toughest section in the exam. No sets were of standard type. All the questions had to be worked out individually.

Aspirants who solved 2 to 3 questions per set and moved on to other sets would have performed better than aspirants who tried solving the complete set. Also, most of the sets were unconventional. There were sets from topics such as scheduling, routes and networks and team selection.

We can classify 14+ attempts to be good and a raw score above 45 can definitely fetch a 99+ percentile.

Quants section:

This section was easier than the quants section of CAT 2016. The paper had 12-14 sitters that can be solved easily within a minute. We can classify 25+ attempts to be good in this section.

This section was deceptively simple. Most of the questions had the wrong answer planted in the options too. Therefore, a careful reading of the questions was essential to answer the questions properly. We can expect a fall in the accuracy of candidates as questions were tricky.

An overall attempt of around 26 questions can be classified as a good performance provided accuracy does not let one down.

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CAT 2017 slot 2 analysis:

The DILR section in the afternoon session was a bit easier than the morning session. However, the quants section was slightly tougher than the morning session. Therefore, the change in the overall difficulty was negligible.


Most aspirants considered this section to be easy. The level of questions was similar to that in the first slot. The para summary and RC questions were doable. Para jumble questions were extremely tough.

Most of the RC passages were easy to read and comprehend. Also, the passages were shorter than usual.

There were 4 PJ questions, 3 odd one out questions and 3 para summary questions.

A good aspirant can attempt 28+ questions in this section with ease.

DILR section:

This section was slightly easier than the first slot. One had to approach most of the questions individually. Also, most of the questions required reworking the entire table. Therefore, aspirants who chose the correct sets and the correct questions within the sets are likely to score better.

Most of the sets were unconventional. There was a set relating to chess and another one relating to pizzas. These 2 sets were easy to solve and did not require much thought. All the other sets were tricky. Attempting 2-3 questions in the other sets is the key to cracking this section.

We can consider 18 attempts in this section to be decent.

Quants section:

This section was slightly tougher than the morning slot. There were 11 TITA type questions. Certain questions were tricky and required careful reading of the question to answer correctly. Therefore, aspirants with an eye for detail would have performed well in this section.

We can term 25+ attempts as decent in this section. As is the case with the morning slot, certain questions were tricky and most of the students would have merrily walked into the traps. Therefore, we can expect accuracy to take a hit.

Overall 70 attempts with 90% accuracy can fetch a percentile higher than 99 for sure. The overall cut-off for various percentile can increase slightly as compared to last year as the quant section was considerably easier than CAT 2016. Try CAT percentile and call predictor to check from which IIMs you are likely to get a call.

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