Question 98

Calculate the median for this data.


We know ,

MEDIAN=$$\ lb_{mc}+\left\{\frac{\Sigma\ \frac{f}{2}-cf}{f_{mc}}\right\}i$$

here, i=5, $$\Sigma f=5+10+15+20+10+5=65.$$ 

So, $$\frac{\Sigma f}{2}=\frac{65}{2}=32.5.$$

So, Middle class should lie under the group (25-29).

So, <cf is = 30 and $$f_{mc}=20.$$

And, $$lb_{mc}=25-0.50=24.50.$$

So, MEDIAN = $$24.50+\left\{\frac{32.50-30}{20}\right\}.5$$

or, MEDIAN = $$24.50+0.625=25.125.$$

So, A is correct choice.

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