LIC AAO (Assistant Administrative Officer) 2015 Exam Question paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The United Nations University established in 1973 is the academic and research arm of the United Nations. It is head quartered in

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Question 2

Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Minister for Mines and Steel is a Member of Parliament from the Indian State of

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Question 3

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has recently dedicated to the nation two units, each of 600 MW, of the Shree Singaji Thermal Power Plant in

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Question 4

The committee recently setup the Central government to interact with industry on tax laws to give recommendations to CBDT and CBEC for issuance of clarifications when necessary is headed by

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Question 5

According to the Public Enterprises Survey recently tabled in Parliament, the most profitable Public Sector Enterprise during 201314 was

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Question 6

In terms of the Motor Vehicle Agreement signed between the two countries during the recent 18th SAARC Summit at Nepal, a direct bus service has recently been launched in March 2015 between Varanasi and

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Question 7

The ‘Armed Forces Flag Day’ is observed every year on

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Question 8

Tishu’ is the New Year Day and a Hindu festival celebrated in the Indian State of

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Question 9

Sushil Kumar is associated with the sports of

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Question 10

The `Shwedagon Pagoda’ also known as ‘Great Dagon Pagoda’ and the ‘Golden Pagoda’ is situated in

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