What Is a Good Score In SNAP 2022?

what is a good score in snap 2022

What Is a Good Score In SNAP 2022?

The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is a required exam for all candidates seeking MBA admission to Symbiosis. Because no other MBA entry exam except SNAP is approved by SIU, a high SNAP 2022 score is critical. SNAP 2022 is scheduled for the 10th, 18th and 23rd of December 2022. Many aspirants have a common doubt about what is a good score/percentile in SNAP 2022 to get admission in the top colleges under SNAP, such as SIBM Pune, SCMHRD Pune, etc. This article will look at ‘what is a good SNAP 2022 score?’ In addition, we will look at the list of SNAP colleges with cutoff and how to acquire a good SNAP 2022 score in detail.

Before that, let us look in detail at the SNAP 2022 exam pattern.

SNAP 2022 Exam Pattern

Section name No. of questions Marks per correct answer Total marks
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 15 1 15
Quantitative Ability(QA), Data Interpretation (DI) & Data Sufficiency 20 1 20
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 25 1 25
Total 60 60

Good Score in SNAP 2022

A good SNAP score is simply the score that allows you to gain admission to your desired college. This may vary depending on the candidate taking the exam. A SNAP score of 25 – 30 out of 60 might help you gain admission to the best institutions. This is in accordance with the revised SNAP exam pattern. To define their goals, candidates should research the cutoff scores for their various universities. 

How Much To Score In SNAP for SIBM Pune?

As we all know, there are multiple colleges under SNAP. Candidates aiming for premier universities such as SIBM Pune should aim for a SNAP 2022 score of more than 45 out of 60, i.e. the SNAP 2022 cut-off for SIBM Pune is expected to be 99 percentile.

SNAP Expected Cut Off 2022

The overall SNAP predicted cutoff percentiles of SNAP 2022 for admission to the MBA class of 2023 are shown below:

SIU Institute Expected SNAP 2022 cut-off (percentile)
SIBM, Pune 97+
SCMHRD, Pune 96+
SIIB, Pune 93+
SIBM, Bangalore 90+
SIOM, Nashik 87+
SICSR, Pune 82+
SITM, Pune 83+
SIMS, Pune 77+
SCIT, Pune 76+
SSMC, Bangalore 75+
SIMC, Pune 73+
SSBF, Pune 60+
SIHS, Pune 58+
SIBM, Hyderabad 58+


How To Get a High SNAP Score 2022

SNAP is relatively easier when compared to CAT and XAT. Hence the candidates should focus on all the sections during the preparation. Although most institutes (accepting the SNAP scores) do not consider sectional cut-offs, aspirants should not skip any section completely. Having balanced preferences will allow aspirants to pick up the low-hanging fruits in all the sections.

Answer at least 45 questions correctly, and SNAP is a speed-based exam, do not give too much time to a single question. Start with a section where you are confident, as the SNAP does not have any sectional time limit. It is advised to start with the verbal section, as it takes a maximum of one minute to solve a question. Do not spend too much time on any question that made you stuck. Time is very crucial in the SNAP exam.

Let us have a look at the section-wise preparation for SNAP 2022.

General English

Start with reading what you like, and then read articles from different genres to make yourself comfortable with various writing styles. This will improve your reading ability. That is what the candidate needs to crack this section.

Solve at least one RC every day. Reading regularly and practising RCs every day is essential to crack this section. Read the complete paragraph thoroughly until you understand. Avoid speed reading, skimming, surfing and other such gimmicky techniques.

Also, Spend some time on Verbal Ability Concepts where you don’t have confidence. And do not spend too much time on it.

Quantitative Ability(QA), Data Interpretation (DI) & Data Sufficiency

The Quant basics will play a crucial role in this Quantitative Ability section. Most of the Candidates will neglect to view the quant basics during the preparation. They will directly move on to solving the problems without having strong knowledge of Quant basics. The Candidates may forget the infrequently used concepts. So it is essential to allocate some time for refreshing the concepts.

Try to solve two sets every day, i.e. one set is from Data Interpretation (DI) and one from Data Sufficiency.

Analytical & Logical Reasoning

Analytical & Logical Reasoning is a section that can improve your thought process. Start with learning the fundamental concepts of the types of sets that have appeared in the past 3–4 years in the exam, and learn to represent them logically. Try to approach different types of sets. Solving various types of sets will help you face fatigue in this section. 

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