Simple Tricks to Remember Countries & Capitals | Download Free [PDF]

Countries and capitals
Countries and capitals


Simple Tricks to learn Countries and Their Capitals – The questions about countries and their capitals are being asked in many competitive exams like Banking, SSC, RRB & other competitive exams. lots of questions have been seen in these exams. Easy tricks to remember Countries and Capitals is simple. Have trouble pronouncing foreign countries and capitals? Here we are providing [PDF] also to memorise this for all government exams.

Download Countries & Capitals [PDF]

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Country style and Capital name that are similar:

      Country        Capital
Mexico  Mexico City
Kuwait Kuwait City
Panama Panama City
Vatican City Vatican City
Guatemala Guatemala City
Djibouti Djibouti City
Singapore Singapore city
Monaco Monaco
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Tunisia Tunis
Andorra Andorra la Vella


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 Capitals ending with the word “Town”

            Country         Capital
      South Africa       Cape Town
        Guyana       George Town
        Sierra Leone       FreeTown
      Barbados       Bridge Town


Korea Family

    Country    Capital     Trick
South Korea Seoul Seoul sounds like soul

My soul is in South Korea.

North Korea Pyongyang It is sounding like Young-Yang 

I went to North korea when I was Young.

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     Country   Capital          Trick 
Jamaica Kingston Rahul is the King of Jamaica
Sweden Stockholm  Sweden is the home for many birds
Bhutan Thimphu Thimpu is sounding as Tippu and Bhutan is sounding as Bhoots.

Tippu Sultan bought new Boots.

Canada Ottawa Oats are cheap in Canada
  Hungary Budapest Hungary is sounding like Hungry

From Budapest take it as “ Buddha + Priest”

Priest Budha is Hungry.

Iran  Tehran I ran to Tehran
Denmark  Copenhagen Cops came from Denmark
Argentina Buenos Aires Here Argentina sounds like Urgent.

That was an urgent call from Airways.

Cyprus Nicosia Nick is from Cyprus
Croatia Zagreb Croatia people like Grey colour.
Brazil Brasilia
Bulgaria Sofia I brought this sofa from Bulgaria
NewZealand Wellington There is a new well in our house
Congo Brazzaville Congratulations for the Villa
Venezuela Caracus The Circus in Venezuela was Awesome.
Estonia Tallinn It was a tall stone
Taiwan Taipei Tawa pe Chai Hai.
Ukraine Kyiv It was raining and I lost the key.
Poland WarSaw I saw a war in Poland
Romania Bucharest Don’t Roam take rest
Czech Republic Prague I check whether the students are attending prayer.
Morocco  Rabat  Rajat is a Moron
Malta Valletta I got this wallet from Malta
Australia Canberra Austrailians drink cans of berry juice


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Famous countries and capitals :

Country Capital
Spain  Madrid
Afghanistan Kabul
France Paris
Italy Rome
Japan Tokyo
Philippines Manila
Srilanka Columbo
Vietnam Hanoi
UAE Abu Dhabi
Pakistan  Islamabad
China Beijing
Bangladesh Daka


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