Top-25 Expected RRB NTPC Biology Questions Part-3 PDF

biology questions for rrb ntpc
biology questions for rrb ntpc

Top-25 Expected RRB NTPC Biology Questions Part-3 PDF

Download Top-25 Expected Chemistry questions and answers for RRB NTPC Stage-1 exam. Go through the video of Repeatedly asked and most important RRB NTPC Chemistry questions. These questions are based on previous year questions in Railways and other Govt exam

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Question 1: Which vitamin requires cobalt for its activity?

a) Vitamin B12

b) Vitamin D

c) Vitamin B2

d) Vitamin A

Question 2: Animals living in the tree trunks are known as

a) Arboreal

b) Volant

c) Amphibious

d) Aquatic

Question 3: Ringworm is a….disease.

a) Bacterial

b) Protozoan

c) Viral

d) Fungal

Question 4: The tissue in man where no cell division occurs after birth is

a) skeletal

b) nerves

c) connective

d) germinal

Question 5: In a food chain, the solar energy utilized by plants is only

a) 10 per cent

b) 1 per cent

c) 0.1 per cent

d) 0.01 per cent

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Question 6: In coriander, the useful parts are

a) roots & leaves

b) leaves & flower

c) leaves & dried fruits

d) flowers & dried fruits

Question 7: Which plant is called ‘Herbal Indian Doctor’?

a) Amla

b) Mango

c) Neem

d) Tulsi

Question 8: Who invented vaccination for ‘Small Pox’?

a) Sir Freedrick Grant Banting

b) Sir Alexander Fleming

c) Edward Jenner

d) Louis Pasteur

Question 9: Green glands are associated with

a) Reproduction

b) Excretion

c) Respiration

d) Digestion

Question 10: Chickenpox is caused by

a) DNA virus

b) Variola virus

c) Streptococcus

d) Vi rio cholerae

Question 11: Teeth and Bones acquire strength and rigidity from

a) fluorine

b) chlorine

c) sodium

d) calcium

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Question 12: The presence of cobalt in vitamin B12 was established for the first time by

a) spectroscopy

b) borax-Bead test

c) sodium nitroprusside test

d) hydrolysis test

Question 13: Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is used for

a) Mining

b) Welding

c) Anaesthesia

d) Cooking

Question 14: Which endocrine gland is situated in the neck ?

a) Pancreas

b) Thyroid

c) Pituitary

d) Adrenals

Question 15: Hematology is the study related to

a) Plant reproduction system

b) Blood

c) Food habits of animals

d) Bones

Question 16: Which organism possesses characteristics of a plant and an animal?

a) Euglena

b) Mycoplasma

c) Paramecium

d) Chlorella

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Question 17: Oxyntic cell is meant for the secretion of

a) Pepsin

b) Enterokinase

c) Hydrochloric acid

d) Lactic acid

Question 18: Animal protein is called first class protein because it is

a) easily digestible

b) delicious in taste

c) cheaper in the market

d) rich in essential amino acids

Question 19: What is farming along with animal husbandry called ?

a) Mixed farming

b) Mixed agriculture

c) Dairy farming

d) Truck farming

Question 20: Vermicomposting is done by

a) Fungus

b) Bacteria

c) Worms

d) Animals

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Question 21: Iodine test is used to detect

a) Cholesterol

b) Carbohydrate

c) Protein

d) Fat

Question 22: Pituitary gland is situated in

a) the base of the heart

b) the base of the brain

c) the neck

d) the abdomen

Question 23: AIDS virus destroys

a) rnonocytes

b) neutrophils

c) basophils

d) lymphocytes

Question 24: Medicine of Quinine is provided by

a) Cinchona plant

b) Money plant

c) Eucalyptus plants

d) Aconite plants

Question 25: Process through which plants reproduce

a) Pollination

b) Condensation

c) Eating

d) Evaporation

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (D)

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (C)

7) Answer (A)

8) Answer (C)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (B)

11) Answer (D)

12) Answer (B)

13) Answer (D)

14) Answer (B)

15) Answer (B)

16) Answer (A)

17) Answer (C)

18) Answer (D)

19) Answer (A)

20) Answer (C)

21) Answer (B)

22) Answer (B)

23) Answer (D)

24) Answer (A)

25) Answer (A)


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