How To Prepare For Bank Exams While Working

how to prepare bank exam while working
how to prepare bank exam while working

How To Prepare For Bank Exams While Working

Bank Exam Preparation While Working: If you are thinking about how to prepare for bank exam while working in a private sector, this is the perfect place for you. Bank jobs are one of the popular and desirable jobs in India. Every year, banks conducts exam to hire the candidates to work in the public and private sector banks in India.

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The most well-known bank exams in India are SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, etc. Banking jobs, specifically in public sector banks in India, are one of the safest jobs with a security and lots of possibilities for growth. Apart from high salary, these jobs have many other perks and benefits. It is of no astonishment that every year lakhs of candidates apply for these exams, as well as people who are working in some other sectors. However, many of the working candidates, with little free time, find it really difficult to prepare for these exams. In this blog, we will give elaborate information about how to prepare for bank exams while working. Read on to find out.

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Bank Exam Preparation While Working

  1. The first thing to do is to get aware of the syllabus of the bank exams. Like said earlier, all most all of the bank exams have the same syllabus. You need to have complete knowledge of all the topics that are included under each and every section. Stick a copy of such entire syllabus on the wall of your room.
  2. Once you have complete knowledge of all the concepts, mark the topics that you are weak. You have to spend more time on these sections and topics.
  3. You have to create a timetable. As a working professional, it will be hard for you to study regularly. You might be tired some days, other days, you might be late in leaving the office. No matter what, create a timetable. Review all these factors along with your needs, convenience, strengths and weaknesses, daily routine, etc. in mind. All you have to do is a study at least 2-3 hours daily and 5-6 hours on weekends. If you miss studying on some days, you will have to manage it and catch up over the weekends.
  4. The General Awareness section and english language section needs one to read regularly. If you are using public transport to go to and come from work, you can use that time to read English newspapers, novels regularly. Otherwise, you can allocate half an hour in the morning for this purpose. You need to improve your knowledge of current affairs, vocabulary, etc. which is possible only through reading.
  5. General English, Reasoning Ability and Numerical Ability sections need one to understand and remember a lot of theories, formulas, shortcuts etc. Based on your weaknesses and strengths give an hour daily to understand the basics. Study at least two sections every day and Prentice the concepts. For the section of  Computer Knowledge section, all you need to study the basic software and hardware concepts. If you can allocate half an hour daily in this section, it will be enough.
  6. After finishing, the theories of a particular topic, try to solve practice questions to learn the application of your knowledge. Allocating at least one hour to solve the questions from concepts you have studied will be enough.
  7. As we said earlier, since you cannot study much on weekdays, you have to catch up for that over the weekends. Try to cover all concepts as possible over the weekends and solve questions as many as possible.

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Bank Exam Preparation While Working – General Tips :

1. Follow the time table regularly

2. Solve practice questions as much as possible

3. Give online mock test daily and analyse it

4. Revise all the concepts regularly

5. Spend more time in your weaker section

6. Solve previous year exam papers

We hope this article will helpful to the candidates who are working. If you have any confusion regarding how to prepare for bank exam while working, visit our website.

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