Top-20 Important Biology Questions for RRB NTPC In English

Important Biology Questions
Important Biology Questions

Top-20 Important Biology Questions for RRB NTPC In English

Latest and most Important Biology Questions to crack RRB NTPC Exam. Download the PDF and go through the video explanations of most important  Biology Questions  and practice them by downloading the PDF provided below.

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Question 1: A special property of acids and bases is their ability to ……… each other’s properties.

a) Crystalize

b) Neutralize

c) Amortize

d) Naturalize

Question 2: A cross in which parents differ in a single pair of contrasting character is called

a) monohybrid cross

b) dihybrid cross

c) trihybrid cross

d) tetrahybrid cross

Question 3: The hybrid progeny in the first generation is called as

a) F0

b) F1

c) F2

d) F’

Question 4: F3 generation is obtained by

a) selfing of F1

b) selfing of F2

c) crossing of F1 and F2

d) none of these

Question 5: Monohybrid ratio is

a) 9:3:3:1

b) 9:1

c) 9:3:1

d) 3:1

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Question 6: The crossing of F1 to any one of the parents is called

a) back cross

b) test cross

c) F1 cross

d) all of these

Question 7: The best method to determine the homozygosity and heterozygosity of an individual is

a) self- fertilization

b) back cross

c) test cross

d) inbreeding

Question 8: The innate tendency of offspring to resemble their parents is called

a) variation

b) heridity

c) inheritance

d) resemblance

Question 9: Mendel was a

a) Austrian biology teacher

b) Austrian monk

c) Austrian scientist

d) Austrian mathematician

Question 10: Peptide bond is a

a) Covalent bond

b) Ionic bond

c) Metallic bond

d) Hydrogen bond

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Question 11: Which one is a possible progeny in F2 generation of pure bred tall plant with round seed and short plant with wrinkled seeds?

a) Tall plant with round seeds

b) Tall plant with wrinkled seeds

c) Short plant with round seed

d) All of the above

Question 12: Which section of DNA provides information for one protein

a) Nucleus

b) Chromosomes

c) Trait

d) Gene

Question 13: Which of the following is not controlled by genes?
1) Weight of a person
2) Height of a person

a) only 1

b) only 2

c) both 1 and 2

d) sometimes 1 and sometimes 2

Question 14: What is the probability that the male progeny will be a boy?

a) 50%

b) 56%

c) 47.43%

d) It varies

Question 15: With whom you can associate theory of evolution?

a) Charles Darwin

b) Mendel

c) Stanley miller

d) Harold Urey

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Question 16: Homologous organ have

a) Same structure, same function

b) Different structure, different function

c) Same structure, different function

d) different structure, same function

Question 17: A photosynthetic organism which does not release oxygen is

a) Blue green algae

b) Green alga

c) Green sulphur Bacterium

d) Lichen

Question 18: 90% of the total photosynthesis is carried out by

a) algae

b) Mesophytes

c) Pteridophytes

d) Xerophytes

Question 19: An essential process connected with photosynthesis is

a) Synthesis of glucose

b) Photolysis of water

c) Photo phosphorylation

d) Breakdown of glucose

Question 20: The site of Dark reaction of photosynthesis is

a) grana

b) stroma

c) thaylakoids

d) Both (a) and (b)

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (D)

6) Answer (A)

7) Answer (C)

8) Answer (B)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (D)

12) Answer (D)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (A)

15) Answer (A)

16) Answer (C)

17) Answer (C)

18) Answer (A)

19) Answer (B)

20) Answer (B)


We hope this Questions on Important Biology pdf  for RRB NTPC Exam will be highly useful for your Preparation.


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