Top-15 RRB GROUP-D Science & Technology Questions PDF

Top-15 RRB GROUP-D Science & Technology Questions PDF
Top-15 RRB GROUP-D Science & Technology Questions PDF

Top-15 RRB GROUP-D Science & Technology Questions PDF:

Download Top-15 RRB GROUP-D Science & Technology Questions PDF. RRB GROUP-D Science & Technology questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the Railway Group-D exam.

Download Top-15 RRB GROUP-D Science & Technology Questions PDF

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Question 1: Which Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle has launched the Kalamsat – V2, the lightest satellite of India recently?

a) PSLV-C45

b) PSLV-C41

c) PSLV-C40

d) PSLV-C44

Question 2: Which edition of Indian Science Congress was held in Jalandhar, Punjab?

a) 120th

b) 110th

c) 106th

d) 100th

Question 3: Dmitri Mendeleev has published the first modern periodic table in which year?

a) 1869

b) 1769

c) 1859

d) 1759

Question 4: Which Indian-Australian mathematician has been awarded with the 2018 Fields medal?

a) Caucher Birkar

b) Akshay Venkatesh

c) Manjul Bhargava

d) Artur Avila

Question 5: Which country has developed the world’s first floating nuclear power plant Academic Lomonosov?

a) India

b) Japan

c) China

d) Russia

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Question 6: Which is the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered train launched by Germany?

a) Sporadia iLint

b) Coradia iLint

c) Kardia iLint

d) Mandia iLint

Question 7: Which is an autoimmunal disorder triggered by the consumption of gluten?

a) Down syndrome

b) Kalazhar

c) Celiac disease

d) Measles

Question 8: Which country has eliminated Trachoma recently?

a) Maldives

b) Mauritius

c) Sri Lanka

d) Nepal

Question 9: Which mosquitos transmit the disease chikungunya?

a) Culex pipiens

b) Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus

c) Anopheles gambiae

d) Anopheles darlingi

Question 10: What is the range of Pinaka Mark-II that is successfully testfired from Odisha?

a) > 70 Km

b) > 90 Km

c) < 70 Km

d) < 30 Km

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Question 11: Which is the natural host of Nipah virus?

a) Sparrow

b) Crow

c) Fruit bat

d) Owl

Question 12: Which is the first supercomputer built by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing at IIT-BHU?

a) PARAM Shivay

b) Pratyush

c) Piyush

d) Shivam

Question 13: Which long range artillery gun has been indigenously developed by India?

a) Ashwini

b) Akash

c) Dhanush

d) Prithvi

Question 14: Which missiles are developed under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Plan?

a) Agni, Bal, Trishul, Prithvi, Nag

b) Agni, Akash, Pinaka, Prithvi, Nag

c) Agni, Akash, Trishul, Prithvi, Arihant

d) Agni, Akash, Trishul, Prithvi, Nag

Question 15: Which heaviest Geo-synchronous satellite built ever by ISRO was launched from French Guiana recently?

a) GSAT-9

b) GSAT-10

c) GSAT-11

d) GSAT-5

RRB Group-D Important Questions (download PDF)

General Science Notes for RRB Exams (PDF)

Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (D)

2) Answer (C)

3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (D)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (C)

8) Answer (D)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (C)

12) Answer (A)

13) Answer (C)

14) Answer (D)

15) Answer (C)


We hope this Science & Technology Questions for RRB Group-D Exam will be highly useful for your preparation


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