Top-15 RRB GROUP-D GK Questions PDF Set-2

Top-15 RRB GROUP-D GK Questions PDF
Top-15 RRB GROUP-D GK Questions PDF

Top-15 RRB GROUP-D GK Questions PDF Set-2:

Download Top-15 RRB GROUP-D GK Questions PDF. RRB GROUP-D GK questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the Railway Group-D exam.

Download Top-15 RRB GROUP-D GK Questions PDF

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Question 1: Ismail Omar Guelleh, who has received the 2019 Padma Vibhushan in the field of Public Affairs belongs to which country?

a) Somalia

b) Eritrea

c) Djbouti

d) Burundi

Question 2: Where is the headquarters of UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) located?

a) New York

b) Geneva

c) Washington D.C.

d) Madrid

Question 3: What is the rate at which RBI borrows money from the commercial banks within the country called ?

a) Repo rate

b) Reverse repo rate

c) Bank rate

d) RBI rate

Question 4: What is the colour of the new currency note of denomination of Rs.20 i.e, set to be released by RBI?

a) Chocolate brown

b) Blue-green

c) Stone gray

d) Greenish yellow

Question 5: Who has won the 2018 Indira Gandhi International Peace Prize?

a) Centre for Science and Environment

b) Manmohan Singh

c) angela merkel

d) Indian Space Research Organisation

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Question 6: Who is the runner-up of the 2019 Badminton India Open Men’s Singles title?

a) Ajay Jayaram

b) Parupalli Kashyap

c) B. Sai Praneeth

d) Kidambi Srikanth

Question 7: “Maitree” is the joint military exercise between India and which country?

a) France

b) Malaysia

c) Thailand

d) Russia

Question 8: Who is the current president of World Bank?

a) Steven Mnuchin

b) David Malpass

c) Wilbur Ross

d) Larry Kudlow

Question 9: In which state is the harvest year festival Vishu celebrated?

a) West Bengal

b) Odisha

c) Kerala

d) Haryana

Question 10: Which educational institution has topped the 2019 National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) rankings?

a) IIT Madras

b) IIT Delhi

c) IIT Kharagpur

d) IIT Bhubaneswar

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Question 11: Which country has topped the 2019 World Happiness Index?

a) Denmark

b) Finland

c) Sweden

d) Switzerland

Question 12: Which day is observed as International Mother language day?

a) February 21

b) February 28

c) February 2

d) February 4

Question 13: Falcon 9 rocket is associated with which space agency?


b) SpaceX


d) ESA

Question 14: Which country is going to host the 2019 G20 Summit?

a) Canada

b) Singapore

c) China

d) Japan

Question 15: Which is the world’s first floating nuclear power plant that has been successfully tested recently?

a) Akademik Lomonosov nuclear power plant

b) Tianwan nuclear power plant

c) Leningrad nuclear power plant

d) Kalinin nuclear power plant

RRB Group-D Important Questions (download PDF)

General Science Notes for RRB Exams (PDF)

Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (A)

6) Answer (D)

7) Answer (C)

8) Answer (B)

9) Answer (C)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (B)

12) Answer (A)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (D)

15) Answer (A)


We hope this GK Questions for RRB Group-D Exam will be highly useful for your preparation


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