TOP-15 APPSC Group-2 AP Reorganisation Act Questions PDF

TOP-15 APPSC Group-2 AP Reorganisation Act Questions PDF
TOP-15 APPSC Group-2 AP Reorganisation Act Questions PDF

TOP-15 APPSC Group-2 AP Reorganisation Act Questions PDF:

Download TOP-15 APPSC Group-2 AP Reorganisation Act Questions PDF. These questions will be very useful for Andhra Pradesh Group-1 & 2 exams.

Download TOP-15 APPSC Group-2 AP Reorganisation Act Questions PDF

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Question 1: Which section deals with the responsibility of the governor to protect residents of common capital of Hyderabad?

a) section 8

b) section 10

c) section 5

d) section 15

Question 2: How many schedules are there in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014?

a) 18

b) 13

c) 15

d) 17

Question 3: What is the population ratio of states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana?

a) 58.32: 45.68

b) 30.32: 41.68

c) 50.32: 40.68

d) 58.32: 41.68

Question 4: In which section are the new territories of state of Andhra Pradesh mentioned?

a) Section 9

b) Section 3

c) Section 10

d) Section 11

Question 5: According to which Article of the constitution should the governor nominate one anglo-Indian to the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly?

a) Article 133

b) Article 233

c) Article 333

d) Article 433

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Question 6: According to the Section 26 of the AP reorganisation Act, the number of legislative assembly seats should be increased from 175 to ____.

a) 225

b) 325

c) 200

d) 245

Question 7: Which section states that the Polavaram irrigation project should be executed by the central government?

a) Section 80

b) Section 90

c) Section 70

d) Section 60

Question 8: As per Section 85, which river management board should have headquarters in Andhra Pradesh?

a) Krishna river management board

b) Godavari river management board

c) Vamsadhara river management board

d) Tungabhadra river management board

Question 9: How many legislative council seats are allocated for Andhra Pradesh in Section 22?

a) 60

b) 40

c) 50

d) 90

Question 10: Which section provides for the ammendment of Article 371D of the constitution to include the state of Telangana in it?

a) Section 97

b) Section 87

c) Section 77

d) Section 67

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Question 11: In which schedule was the provision for separate railway zone of Andhra Pradesh mentioned?

a) 12th schedule

b) 11th schedule

c) 10th schedule

d) 13th schedule

Question 12: Which part of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act deals with the apportionment of assets and liabilities?

a) Part 10

b) Part 6

c) Part 9

d) Part 12

Question 13: In the second schedule of AP Reorganisation Act how many Loksabha seats are reserved for SCs and STs ?

a) 4, 1

b) 5, 1

c) 4, 2

d) 4, 3

Question 14: How much percent of electricity produced in central public sector units should be distributed through Gadgil formula between AP & Telangana?

a) 55%

b) 65%

c) 75%

d) 85%

Question 15: On what basis, should the cash balance of the existing state in treasury and all banks be distributed?

a) Income

b) Population ratio

c) Geographical area

d) Wealth

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (B)

3) Answer (D)

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (A)

7) Answer (B)

8) Answer (A)

9) Answer (C)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (D)

12) Answer (B)

13) Answer (A)

14) Answer (D)

15) Answer (B)

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