Top-100 History Questions for SSC-CPO

Top-100 History Questions for SSC-CPO
Top-100 History Questions for SSC-CPO

Top-100 History Questions for SSC-CPO

Download SSC CPO  History Questions with answers PDF based on previous papers very useful for SSC CPO exams. 100 Very important History Questions for SSC exams.

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Question 1: When was the Dandi march undertaken?

a) 13 april,1919

b) 18 march,1919

c) 12 march,1930

d) 5 feb,1922

Question 2: How many times national emergency was declared in India?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 2

Question 3: Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty?

a) Chandragupta I

b) Chandragupta II

c) Samudragupta

d) Skandgupta

Question 4: The Aryans came from central Asia to India around?

a) 8000 B.C

b) 6500 B.C

c) 3500 B.C

d) 2500 B.C

Question 5: Lord Clive has defeated Siraj-Ud-Daulah in which of the following Battles?

a) Battle of Palkhed

b) Battle of Panipat

c) Battle of Plassey

d) Battle of Buxar

Question 6: Gol Gumbaz, one of the famous historical site is located in which of the following Cities?

a) Bijapur

b) New Delhi

c) Hyderabad

d) Ranchi

Question 7: When was first Anglo-afghan war fought?

a) 1840

b) 1842

c) 1844

d) 1845

Question 8: The first weekly paper published by the Indian National Congress in 1889, was:

a) Young India

b) India

c) Indian People

d) Voice of India

Question 9: The first animal domesticated by Neolithic people was:

a) Sheep

b) Goat

c) Dog

d) Horse

Question 10: In which year did Sikkim join the Indian Republic?

a) 1948

b) 1961

c) 1971

d) 1975

Question 11: The second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on ?

a) 6th August 1914

b) 9th August 1945

c) 6th August 1943

d) 9th August 1943

Question 12: The Ajanta caves were built during the period of the ?

a) Guptas

b) Kushans

c) Mauryas

d) Chalukyas

Question 13: The Battle of Talikota was fought in the year ?

a) 1565

b) 1526

c) 1586

d) 1576

Question 14: The first Civil Disobedience Movement was started by Gandhiji after the ?

a) Rowlatt Act of 1919

b) Jallianwala Bagh massacre

c) Chauri-chaura incident of 1922

d) Arrival of Cripps Mission

Question 15: Gandhiji’s Dandi March started from ?

a) Bardoli

b) Ahmedabad

c) Surat

d) Bombay

Question 16: Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at ?

a) Shravanabelagola

b) Nalanda

c) Ujjain

d) Patna

Question 17: In the individual satyagraha who has been chosen as the first satyagrahi by Mahatma Gandhi?

a) C Rajagopalachari

b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

c) Vinoba Bhave

d) Sardar valla bhai patel

Question 18: Who is the first person to enter space and from which country?

a) Neil A. Armstrong, Germany

b) Yuri Gagarin, Russia

c) Neil A. Armstrong, Russia

d) Yuri Gagarin, Germany

Question 19: Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?

a) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

b) Mahatma Gandhi

c) Subhash Chandra Bose

d) Bhagat Singh

Question 20: In which year did Dada Saheb Phalke produce the first feature film ?

a) 1911

b) 1913

c) 1910

d) 1912


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Question 21: Mahatma Gandhi began his political activities in India first from :

a) Dandi

b) Kheda

c) Sabarmati

d) Champaran

Question 22: Big landlords or warrior chiefs in the seventh century were acknowledged as _________ by the existing kings?

a) Rashtrakutas

b) Chalukya

c) Samantas

d) Brahmanas

Question 23: Indian Mughal paintings originated during the rule of which Mughal Emperor?

a) Humayun

b) Akbar

c) Jahangir

d) Shah Jahan

Question 24: For how many days did Mahatma Gandhi’s volunteers of the Salt satyagrah walked?

a) 24

b) 36

c) 12

d) 6

Question 25: The draft of the Preamble was prepared by ?

a) Rajendra Prasad

b) Jawaharlal Nehru

c) Dr. B.R Ambedkar

d) None of these

Question 26: Who was the first President of the Indian National Congress ?

a) A.O Hume

b) W.C Banerjee

c) Annie Besant

d) Motilal Nehru

Question 27: The first Muslim President of the INC was ?

a) Ajmal Khan

b) M.A Jinnah

c) Abul Kalam Azad

d) Badrudin Tyabhji

Question 28: The first Satyagraha campaign of Gandhiji was started in ?

a) Champaran

b) Bardoli

c) Dandi

d) Baroda

Question 29: To which king belongs the Lion capital at Sarnath ?

a) Chandragupta

b) Ashoka

c) Kanishka

d) Harsha

Question 30: Who was mainly worshipped in the Rig Vedic period ?

a) Indra

b) Vishnu

c) Sun

d) Trimurti

Question 31: Who among the following was the immediate successor of guru Nanak ?

a) Guru Angad

b) Guru Arjun

c) Guru Ramdas

d) Guru Amardas

Question 32: When was third Anglo-Mysore war fought?

a) 1788-90

b) 1785-89

c) 1780-82

d) 1790-92

Question 33: Who won Kalinga war?

a) Ashoka

b) Chandragupta

c) Skandagupta

d) King bhoj

Question 34: First of all, the hypothesis of formation of constitution originated in which of the following countries ?

a) France

b) Switzerland

c) Britain

d) Japan

Question 35: What is the code name given to the operation by the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) sent to Sri Lanka by Rajiv Gandhi in 1987?

a) Operation Pawan

b) Operation Polo

c) Operation Vikram

d) Operation Vijay

Question 36: During their rule the British persuaded or forced cultivators in Assam to grow __________.

a) Jute

b) Tea

c) Sugarcane

d) Wheat

Question 37: Who was the founder of the guptas of Magadha?

a) Jayasimha

b) Shri gupta

c) Kondungon

d) Bhattarka

Question 38: Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?

a) Muhammad Shah

b) Babur

c) Jahangir

d) Aurangzeb

Question 39: Who among the following was inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution?

a) Tipu Sultan

b) Aurobindo Gosh

c) Annie Besant

d) Badruddin Tyabji

Question 40: On which river bank is the Indus valley site Ropar situated?

a) Indus

b) Sutlej

c) Ravi

d) Beas


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Question 41: Who is a major driving force behind the ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’?

a) Anna Hazare

b) Medha Patkar

c) Shantha Sinha

d) Manasi Pradhan

Question 42: Which material has been used to make the Mohenjadaro’s priest king statue?

a) Copper

b) Steatite

c) Bronze

d) Stone

Question 43: Licchavi clan belongs to which Mahajanapada?

a) Kambhoja

b) Kuru

c) Vajji

d) Gandhara

Question 44: Which pitaka deals with the monastic rules for monks and nuns?

a) Vinayapitaka

b) Suttapitaka

c) Abhidhammapitaka

d) None of the above

Question 45: Which Greek ruler has sent Megasthenes as the ambassador to the court of Chandragupta?

a) Periander

b) Polycrates

c) Evagoras

d) Seleucus Nicator

Question 46: What is the meaning of the Tamil word “Muvendar” widely mentioned in Sangam poems?

a) Three Chiefs

b) Three People

c) Three Teachers

d) Three Students

Question 47: In which language was the Buddhacharita written by Ashvagosha?

a) Pali

b) Paisachi

c) Sanskrit

d) Prakrit

Question 48: Which of the following does not have a Stupa ?

a) Ranchi

b) Sanchi

c) Barhut

d) Dhamek

Question 49: Harisena was the court poet of which Gupta ruler?

a) Chandra Gupta I

b) Samudra Gupta

c) Chandra Gupta II

d) Kumara Gupta

Question 50: Who has built the Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple?

a) Karikala

b) Kulottanga Chola

c) Raja Raja Chola

d) Rajendra Chola

Question 51: Battle of Kannauj was fought between which rulers?

a) Sher Shah Suri & Humayun

b) Babur & Ibrahim Lodi

c) Akbar & Hemu

d) Mohammad Gori & Prithvi Raj Chauhan

Question 52: What is the town police commander called during Akbar’s reign?

a) Subedar

b) Kotwal

c) Mansabdar

d) Diwan

Question 53: Who is the propounder of Shuddha-Advaita philosophy?

a) Nimbarka

b) Shankaracharya

c) Ramanujacharya

d) Vallabhacharya

Question 54: In which year was the Zamindari land revenue system introduced?

a) 1763

b) 1783

c) 1793

d) 1773

Question 55: Who has led the Bardoli Satyagraha in Gujarat?

a) Rajendra Prasad

b) Jawaharlal Nehru

c) Mahatama Gandhi

d) Vallabhai Patel

Question 56: Which religious organisation was founded by Atmaram Panduranga?

a) Atmiya Sabha

b) Prarthna Samaj

c) Brahma Samaj

d) Deva Samaj

Question 57: Who is the author of the book “The First Indian War of Independence 1857-59”?

a) S.N.Sen

b) P.C.Joshi

c) Karl Marx

d) V.D.Savarkar

Question 58: Who is the founder of the All India Muslim League?

a) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

b) Nawab Salimullah

c) Khawaja Nazimuddin

d) Aga Khan III

Question 59: In Which court case trial were the Indian freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru sentenced to death?

a) Lahore Conspiracy case

b) Meerut Conspiracy case

c) Alipore Conspiracy case

d) Ghadr Conspiracy case

Question 60: At the time of Independence of India, who is the president of Indian National Congress?

a) Abul Kalam Azad

b) Pattabhi Sitaramayya

c) J.B.Kripalni

d) Jawaharlal Nehru


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Question 61: The place “Chauri – Chaura” is situated in which state?

a) Maharashtra

b) West Bengal

c) Bihar

d) Uttar Pradesh

Question 62: When was the Instrument of accession signed by the Raja Hari Singh with India?

a) 26th September, 1947

b) 26th October, 1947

c) 26th November, 1947

d) 26th December, 1947

Question 63: Who has coined the term “Sarvodaya” for the first time?

a) Badrubddin Tyabji

b) Jawaharlal Nehru

c) Mahatma Gandhi

d) Motilal Nehru

Question 64: Which British Prime Minister has announced about the Cabinet Mission visit to India?

a) Clement Atlee

b) Winston Churchill

c) Ramsay McDonald

d) Gary Butler

Question 65: Which Indian freedom fighter has been described by Mahatma Gandhi as “Patriot of Patriots?

a) Vallabhai Patel

b) Jawaharlal Nehru

c) Bhagat Singh

d) Subash Chandra Bose

Question 66: Who was the Delhi Sultan to impose Jizya even on the Brahmins ?

a) Ala-ud-din Khilji

b) Firuz Tughluq

c) Muhammad Tughluq

d) Balban

Question 67: Who is known as the Father of ‘Indian Unrest’ ?

a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

b) Lalalajpat Rai

c) Aurobindo Ghosh

d) Bipin Chandrapal

Question 68: Who said, “Adolf Hitler is Germany and Germany is Adolf Hitler. He who pledges himself to Hitler pledges himself to Germany” ?

a) R. Hess

b) Mussolini

c) Hitler

d) Communist International

Question 69: Which is the newest geological era ?

a) Permian

b) Triassic

c) Cretaceous

d) Jurassic

Question 70: Who led the revolt of 1857 in the city of Kanpur?

a) Rani Lakshmi Bai

b) Nana Sahib

c) Begum Hazrat Mahal

d) Kunwar Singh

Question 71: The Montague-chelmsford reform was passed in the year

a) 1908

b) 1918

c) 1919

d) 1916

Question 72: During ____________ session Purna swaraj was declared as the Party’s (Indian National Congress) goal, under the presidency of Jawaharlal Nehru.

a) Calcutta session

b) Madras session

c) Allahabad session

d) Lahore Session

Question 73: Who is the founder of Marathas Empire – Swarajya?

a) Shahaji Raje Bhonsle

b) Chhatrapati Sambhaji

c) Venkoji

d) Chhatrapati Shivaji

Question 74: Indian National Congress was founded by which of the following leaders?

a) Bipin Chandra Pal

b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

c) A O Hume

d) Lala Lajpat Rai

Question 75: Who have started the Khilafat Movement in the year 1919-1920?

a) Mohd Ali Jinnah

b) Aurobindo Ghosh

c) Bipin Chandra Pal

d) Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali

Question 76: Mughal emperor,Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram is popularly known as?

a) Babur

b) Shah Jahan

c) Jahangir

d) Muhammad Azam Shah

Question 77: The Battle of Panipat is fought between which of the following Emperors?

a) Babur – Mughal Dynasty and Ibrahim Lodi – Lodi Dynasty

b) Mohammed Ghori and Jayachandra of Kannauj

c) Haider Ali with alliance of Nizams, Marathas and British

d) Akbar and Maharana Pratap

Question 78: Who was the first home minister of independent India?

a) Zakir husain

b) Sardar vallabh bhai patel

c) Morarji Desai

d) Maulana abdul kalam azad

Question 79: Name of the first Indian author to get the Anderson award?

a) Kiran Desai

b) Anita Desai

c) Ruskin bond

d) Vikram Seth

Question 80: Name of the first Indian to win Nobel prize?

a) Rabindranath Tagore

b) C.V Raman

c) Ramanujam

d) S.Chendrasekher


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Question 81: Where was the first post office opened in India?

a) Kanpur

b) Delhi

c) Mumbai

d) Nagpur

Question 82: Ashoka in the 13th year of his coronation, appointed a special type of officer who surveyed the land, kept land records and carried out justice. These officers were called

a) Amatyas

b) Samahartas

c) Rajukas

d) Chalukyas

Question 83: Ghatotkacha (who ruled in the years 290-305 B.C.) was a king from which dynasty?

a) Gupta Dynasty

b) Kanva Dynasty

c) Shunga Dynasty

d) Maurya Dynasty

Question 84: Who are credited to a large extent for ending the Mughal rule in India?

a) Mauryas

b) Cholas

c) Guptas

d) Marathas

Question 85: Who is the only Indian governor-general of free India?

a) Jawaharlal Nehru

b) C Rajagopalachari

c) John Mathai

d) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Question 86: Who said the famous line “Back to Vedas”?

a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

b) Lala Lajpat Rai

c) Dayanand Saraswati

d) Mahatma Gandhi

Question 87: Who among the following was the last Mughal Emperor?

a) Humayun

b) Babur

c) Akbar

d) Bahadur Shah

Question 88: The most powerful Peshwa was

a) Balaji Baji Rao

b) Baji Rao

c) Madhava Rao

d) Balaji Vishwanath

Question 89: Sher Shah defeated Humayun and captured Gaur in the battle of

a) Ghaghra in 1529 A.D.

b) Chausa in 1539 A.D.

c) Panipat in 1526 A.D.

d) Khanwa in 1527 A.D.

Question 90: Tipu Sultan was also known as the Lion of …………..

a) Bangalore

b) Delhi

c) Kochi

d) Mysore

Question 91: In the context of Indian National Movement, who was known as ‘Frontier Gandhi’?

a) Maghfoor Ahmad Ajazi

b) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

c) Udham Singh

d) Ashfaquila Khan

Question 92: When was the Dandi march undertaken?

a) 13 april,1919

b) 18 march,1919

c) 12 march,1930

d) 5 feb,1922

Question 93: During whose Viceroyalty, the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?

a) Lord Canning

b) Lord Harding

c) Lord Lytton

d) Lord Clive

Question 94: Who was the founder of the sikh rule in Punjab?

a) Maharaja Ranjit Singh

b) Kharak Singh

c) Guru Gobind Singh

d) Mehta Khalu Singh

Question 95: Who discovered the sea route to India?

a) Fernao Lopez

b) Gomes de Sequeira

c) Columbus

d) Vasco de Gama

Question 96: The second Battle of Tarain was fought between __________.

a) Alexander and Porus

b) Jai Chand and Mohammed Ghori

c) Akbar and Hemu

d) Mohammed Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan

Question 97: Timur invaded India during the reign of:

a) Akbar

b) Alauddin Khilji

c) Feroz Shah Tughlaq

d) Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq

Question 98: The first major nation wide Satyagraha launched by Mahatma Gandhi was against:

a) Rowlatt Act

b) Partition of Bengal

c) Tax on Khadi products

d) Salt tax

Question 99: The Sayyid Dynasty was established by which of the following rulers?

a) Khizr Khan

b) Mohammad Shah

c) Mubarak Shah

d) Alam Shah

Question 100: Who was the president of British Indian Association (BIS) which was established in the year 1851?

a) Jawaharlal Nehru

b) Raja Radhakanta Dev

c) Debendranath Tagore

d) Dadabhai Naoroji

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (A)

7) Answer (B)

8) Answer (A)

9) Answer (C)

10) Answer (D)

11) Answer (B)

12) Answer (A)

13) Answer (A)

14) Answer (A)

15) Answer (B)

16) Answer (A)

17) Answer (C)

18) Answer (B)

19) Answer (D)

20) Answer (B)

21) Answer (D)

22) Answer (C)

23) Answer (A)

24) Answer (A)

25) Answer (B)

26) Answer (B)

27) Answer (D)

28) Answer (A)

29) Answer (B)

30) Answer (A)

31) Answer (A)

32) Answer (D)

33) Answer (A)

34) Answer (D)

35) Answer (A)

36) Answer (B)

37) Answer (B)

38) Answer (C)

39) Answer (A)

40) Answer (B)

41) Answer (B)

42) Answer (D)

43) Answer (C)

44) Answer (A)

45) Answer (D)

46) Answer (A)

47) Answer (C)

48) Answer (A)

49) Answer (B)

50) Answer (D)

51) Answer (A)

52) Answer (B)

53) Answer (D)

54) Answer (C)

55) Answer (D)

56) Answer (B)

57) Answer (C)

58) Answer (B)

59) Answer (A)

60) Answer (C)

61) Answer (D)

62) Answer (B)

63) Answer (C)

64) Answer (A)

65) Answer (D)

66) Answer (B)

67) Answer (A)

68) Answer (A)

69) Answer (C)

70) Answer (B)

71) Answer (C)

72) Answer (D)

73) Answer (D)

74) Answer (C)

75) Answer (D)

76) Answer (B)

77) Answer (A)

78) Answer (B)

79) Answer (C)

80) Answer (A)

81) Answer (C)

82) Answer (B)

83) Answer (A)

84) Answer (D)

85) Answer (B)

86) Answer (C)

87) Answer (D)

88) Answer (B)

89) Answer (B)

90) Answer (D)

91) Answer (B)

92) Answer (C)

93) Answer (B)

94) Answer (A)

95) Answer (D)

96) Answer (D)

97) Answer (D)

98) Answer (A)

99) Answer (A)

100) Answer (B)

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