5 Easy Tips To Improve Logical Reasoning Skills For CAT 2022

Tips To Improve Logical Reasoning Skills
Tips To Improve Logical Reasoning Skills

When it comes to the CAT exam, the DILR section is very puzzling. Many CAT aspirants will face some amount of pressure while doing the LR based sets in the CAT exam. So, to crack this section one should need to improve their logical thinking skills. Of course, nobody was born intelligent or has a logical thinking mindset. Here in this article, we will provide you with some excellent tips to improve your logical reasoning skills with some easy tricks to solve the logical reasoning questions in the CAT 2022 examination.

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The LRDI section consists of around 20 questions in the CAT (in the 2-hour CAT exam format). Check out the previous year papers of CAT to know about the type of LR questions that appear in this section. Also, taking a Free CAT mock test will help the candidates in gauging their strengths and weaknesses, and can significantly help in understanding how to approach the LR questions. You can also prepare for the same, and take the tests at your convenience by using this highly rated app for CAT preparation.

Tips To Improve Logical Reasoning Skills For CAT 2022

The demarcation between logical reasoning and data interpretation has almost vanished in recent years. The emphasis is now on cracking the logic rather than on calculation speed. Also, IIMs have refrained from asking for template / traditional puzzles in the past few years. Let’s take a look at the logical reasoning tips and tricks to crack the DILR section in CAT 2022.

Cover the basic topics

Acquaint yourself with the basic topics such as Arrangements (Linear, Circular, etc), Puzzles (Einstein puzzles, constraint-based etc), and also Networks, LR based on picking coins, Games and tournaments, Cubes etc., and other types of sets (family tree, 2D Space LR’s etc).

Practise puzzles

Aspirants can improve their logical reasoning skills by practising puzzles and other unconventional problems. When you practise more puzzles with different concepts then you can train your brain to solve the logical questions and improve your logical thinking ability.

Take mock tests

Once the basic concepts are covered, practice a wide variety of sets from the Study room, and take more Sectional tests and Mock tests. Represent the given information in the correct format. This is crucial to solving a puzzle.

Find the right way for solving the questions

Even if you get a puzzle wrong, check whether the method you adopted is right. Try to find out where you faltered while solving the puzzle. Note down what prevented you from arriving at the right answer. Ensure that the pattern you used to solve the question is right or not.

Find shortcuts for solving the questions

Over a period of time, you would have developed some idea about the common areas where you are making errors. Try to find simple ways or shortcuts to solve the given question. Apart from LRDI, try to solve other puzzles such as Sudokus, Kakuros etc., in your free time to improve your logical thinking ability.

Easy Tricks And Tips To Solve Logical Reasoning Questions In CAT 2022

Select the right set

It is a very crucial aspect of the LRDI section. Selecting the right sets goes a long way in ensuring you score well in this section. Invest the first few minutes to pick up the sets to answer. Given the level of difficulty of the sets that have been appearing in recent CAT papers, setting aside some time to choose the right sets to solve is a wise decision. Some of the sets in the LRDI section in the CAT exam will consume more time and drain your valuable time. Try to solve those time-consuming questions at the end.

Make an order of attempting the questions

After verifying the complete section then make an order or a pattern for solving the sets. Try to solve the question that can be answered as fast as possible. Time-saving is very important aspect of the LRDI section in the CAT exam. Once you select the sets, start with the set you are most comfortable with. Getting the first few sets correct will give you the requisite confidence during the test.

Do not spend too much time on a single set

It is a common mistake that is made by the aspirants while solving the LRDI section in the CAT exam. Do not try to solve a set for an unreasonable amount of time, at any cost. Know when to let go of a set and move on. Have a cut off time for each set, if you spend more than 15 minutes on a single set and have gotten nowhere, it is time to move on to the next set.

Do not look at the answer options first

This is the most common mistake that many aspirants are making while solving logical reasoning questions. This is a meaningless process while attempting an exam. Looking at the answer options at the initial stage of solving a question will distract you to answer the question with an incorrect answer. So, please read the question clearly, understand the question, make an analysis and then look at the answer options.

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