How To Score 99 Percentile In CAT 2022 In 4 Months ?

how to get 99+ percentile in cat in 4 months

How To Get 99+ Percentile In CAT 2022 In 4 Months? (Number of Questions and Marks Required)

Common Admission Test(CAT) 2022 is in 4 months away, and many MBA aspirants have started preparing to fulfil their dream of getting into the desired b-schools. Cracking the CAT exam is tough but not so difficult. When it comes to admissions in top MBA colleges like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIFT Delhi, FMS Delhi etc, the candidate must reach the required cut off percentile for the respective institute. Most of the standard cut off is about the 99+ percentile in the CAT entrance exam. Scoring 99 percentile in CAT is a possible thing if one can have a strategy to get 99 percentile in CAT. In this article, we will discuss how to score more than 99 percentile in the CAT exam in 4 months.

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Have a look at the CAT 2022 examination pattern in detail as follows.

CAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Verbal Ability 40 minutes 24
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 40 minutes 20
Quantitative Ability 40 minutes 22
Overall 120 minutes 66

Each correct answer is awarded 3 marks and each wrong answer carries a penalty of -1 mark. There might be a sectional time limit of 40 minutes for each section and candidates are not allowed to switch between the sections.

How Many Marks Are Required To Get 99 Percentile In CAT 2022?

The overall marks for CAT 2022 are 198 and one can target more than 100 marks to get the 99 percentile in the CAT exam. There is a simple strategy that is to target 85 percentile in any two sections in CAT and target more than 99 percentile in remain section. It is very important to identify the section where you are capable of scoring more than the 99 percentile. It is advised to target more than 99 percentile in the Quantitative aptitude section and 85 percentile in the remaining sections. Marks to be targeted in each section to get 99 percentile in the CAT exam are as shown below.

Section *Marks to be targeted Marks required to get 99+% in each section
VARC 24-30 (85+%ile) 40-45
LRDI 24-30 (85+%ile) 30-35
Quant 40-45 (99+%ile) 40-45
Overall 100+ (99+%ile) 100+

*The targeted marks are given based on the score vs percentile of the previous year’s CAT exam. The percentile may vary based on the difficulty of the slots.

How Many Questions To Attempt In CAT 2022 To Get 99 Percentile

As we know that there will be overall 66 questions in the CAT exam. Whereas one can target a certain number of questions to attempt accurately to get the 99 percentile in CAT 2022. As we all know VARC and LRDI are the sections which have 24 and 20 questions respectively. As mentioned before, the targeted scores in these two sections are 24-30 marks. It is quite possible when you solve 2 sets accurately in both sections where you can score more than 24 marks in each section. It is very important to select the right sets that can be solved easily and accurately. The number of questions to be targeted in each section is given below.

Section Question to be attempted
VARC 2 RCs (to get 85+ %ile)
LRDI 2 Sets (to get 85+ %ile)
Quant around 17 (to get 99+ %ile)

This is one of the cases of getting 99%ile. If you are strong in quant, try to get 99+ percentile and target to get 85+ percentile in the other sections.

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Section-wise Preparation Strategy To Get 99 Percentile In CAT 2022

Study plan for Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)– Try to focus on reading for 1 hour every day. It will help you to develop a viewpoint on a variety of issues. In the initial days of your preparation, solve at least one RC every day.

Study plan for Logical Reasoning And Data Interpretation (LRDI)– As we know, CAT has moved away from the traditional LRDI sets, it’s imperative to practice the non-traditional type of sets. The sets that are appearing are more logic-based (and relatively less data-intensive in nature). Try to spend around 1 hour every day on the DI / LR concepts. Also, try to solve 2 sets every day (one DI set and one LR set).

Study plan for Quantitative Ability (QA)The Quant basics will play a crucial role in this Quantitative Ability section. The aspirant must spend at least 1-2 months learning the quant basics. Most of the Candidates will neglect to view the quant basics during the preparation. You can follow the given study schedule for preparing the Quantitative Ability section. You can customize the schedule according to your strengths and weaknesses in this section.

CAT 2022 Month-wise Study plan for 4 Months

July – August

Learning the concepts of all the three sections

Revise the concepts, Practice, and Take one mock per week


Take sectional tests, and two mocks per week


Can take 2-3 mocks per week, and experiment with mock strategies. Note down your mistakes, improve your question selection skills, and experiment with various strategies in the mocks.


Pick a strategy that suits you the most. Test it in the mocks. Revise the concepts and the common mistakes you tend to make.


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