Sustainable Development Questions and Answers for RBI Grade B, UPSC & NABARD Grade-A

esi - sustainable development
esi - sustainable development

Economic and Social Issues – Sustainable Development Questions and Answers for RBI Grade B, UPSC & NABARD Grade-A

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Question 01: Brundtland Commission which is formed in 1983 to bring countries on a single platform to pursue sustainable development goals is also called by the name?

Answer: World Commission on Environment and Development

Question 02: Brundtland Commission ceased to exist from 1987 with the introduction of which report?

Answer: Brundtland Report

Question 03: Brundtland Report is also known by which other name?

Answer: Our Common Future

Question 04: World Leaders have designed 17 sustainable development goals at which summits, aimed to reduce poverty, tackle climate change and fight inequality and justice by 2030?

Answer: UN Sustainable Development Summit , September 2015

Question 05: The Idea of sustainable development goals was first developed at which summit?

Answer: UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio in 2012, Earth Summit – 2012

Question 06: Sustainable Development Goals have replaced which development goals formulated in 2000 to fight hunger and poverty with a 15 year agenda?

Answer: Millennium Development Goals

Question 07: How many targets are set to be achieved under 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved over the next 15 years?

Answer: 169 Targets

Question 08: 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were framed at the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015 have come into force from which date?

Answer: 01 January 2016

Question 09: The 17 Sustainable Development Goals replaced Millennium Development Goals formed in 2000, how many Millennium Development goals were framed in 2000? 

Answer: Eight Millennium Development Goals

Question 10: What are the three pillars of sustainable development?

Answer: Environment, Society and Economy

Question 11: Kyoto Protocol which bestowed commitments among the countries to by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets is adopted in which year?

Answer: Kyoto, Japan – 11 December 1997

Question 12: When did the Kyoto Protocol 1997 came into force?

Answer: 16th February 2005

Question 13:  The detailed rules for the implementation of Kyoto Protocol were adopted at Conference of Parties (COP) – 7 meeting, what was the name of the implementation of protocol?

Answer: Marrakesh Accords

Question 14: As per the Kyoto Protocol – Common but Differentiated Responsibilities is applicable to which category of countries?

Answer: Developed Countries

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