Top 20 SSC CPO Biology Questions PDF

SSC CPO Biology Questions
SSC CPO Biology Questions

Top 20 SSC CPO Biology Questions PDF

Download SSC CPO Biology Questions with answers PDF based on previous papers very useful for SSC CPO exams. Top 20 Very important Questions for SSC exams.

Download Top-20 SSC CPO Biology Questions PDF

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Question 1: Mendel emasculated garden pea plant. Emasculation is the

a) removal of flower buds

b) removal of anthers before dehiscence

c) removal of carpels before dehiscence

d) removal of mature flowers

Question 2: A cross in which parents differ in a single pair of contrasting character is called

a) monohybrid cross

b) dihybrid cross

c) trihybrid cross

d) tetrahybrid cross

Question 3: The hybrid progeny in the first generation is called as

a) F0

b) F1

c) F2

d) F’

Question 4: Monohybrid ratio is

a) 9:3:3:1

b) 9:1

c) 9:3:1

d) 3:1

Question 5: The genotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross is

a) 3:1

b) 1:2:1`

c) 2:1:1

d) 9:3:3:1

Question 6: F3 generation is obtained by

a) selfing of F1

b) selfing of F2

c) crossing of F1 and F2

d) None of these

Question 7: The crossing of F1 to any one of the parents is called

a) back cross

b) test cross

c) F1 cross

d) all of these

Question 8: Monohybrid test cross-ratio is

a) 3:1

b) 2:1

c) 1:1

d) 9:3:3:1

Question 9: The phenotypic dihybrid ratio is

a) 9:3:2:1

b) 9:3:2:2

c) 1:1

d) 9:3:3:1

Question 10: The best method to determine the homozygosity and heterozygosity of an individual is

a) self- fertilization

b) back cross

c) test cross

d) inbreeding


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Question 11: All of this obeys Mendel’s laws except

a) Linkage

b) independent assortment

c) dominance

d) purity of gametes

Question 12: The innate tendency of offspring to resemble their parents is called

a) variation

b) heredity

c) inheritance

d) resemblance

Question 13: Who is regarded as the father of genetics?
Multiple Choice Questions on Mendelian Genetics

a) Bateson

b) Morgan

c) Mendel

d) Watson

Question 14: Mendel’s findings were rediscovered by

a) De vries

b) Correns

c) tschermak

d) all of the above

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Question 15: Genotype is the

a) genetic constitution

b) genetic constitution of the phenotype

c) trait expressed

d) expressed genes

Question 16: The alternate forms of a gene is called

a) recessive character

b) dominant character

c) alleles

d) alternative gene

Question 17: The number of types of gametes produced by a homozygous individual is

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) many

Question 18: Mendel was a

a) Austrian biology teacher

b) Austrian monk

c) Austrian scientist

d) Austrian mathematician

Question 19: Peptide bond is a

a) Covalent bond

b) Ionic bond

c) Metallic bond

d) Hydrogen bond

Question 20: The average molecular weight of an amino acid residue in a protein is about

a) 128

b) 118

c) 110

d) 120

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (A)

8) Answer (C)

9) Answer (D)

10) Answer (C)

11) Answer (A)

12) Answer (B)

13) Answer (C)

14) Answer (D)

15) Answer (A)

16) Answer (C)

17) Answer (A)

18) Answer (B)

19) Answer (A)

20) Answer (C)

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