SSC CHSL and MTS Static GK (Awards & Medals) Questions [PDF]

_Awards and Medals Questions
_Awards and Medals Questions

Static GK (Awards & Medals) Questions for SSC CHSL and MTS

Here you can download the Static GK Questions for SSC CHSL and MTS PDF with solutions by Cracku. These are the most important Static GK questions PDF prepared by various sources also based on previous year’s papers. Utilize this PDF for Static GK for SSC CHSL and MTS. You can find a list of Static GK in this PDF which help you to test yourself and practice. So you can click on the below link to download the PDF for reference and do more practice.

Download Static GK Questions for SSC CHSL and MTS

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Question 1: Which of the following regiments of Indian Army won the most number of Param Vir Chakra medals?

a) Rajput Rifles

b) JAK Rifles

c) Poona Horse

d) Grenadiers Regiment

1) Answer (D)

Question 2: Which film won the Golden Globe Awards 2020 for Best Picture – Drama?

a) The Irishman

b) Joker

c) 1917

d) Marriage story

2) Answer (C)

Question 3: The Padma Awards are announced around ______ every year.

a) Republic Day

b) Sadbhavana Diwas

c) Independence Day

d) Hindi Diwas

3) Answer (A)

Question 4: Who among the following was NOT a recipient of the Arjuna Awards in 2019?

a) Swapana Burman

b) Mezban Patel

c) Poonam Yadav

d) Ravindra Jadeja

4) Answer (B)

Question 5: Name the first actor to win the Oscar Awards.

a) Emil Jannings

b) Warner Baxter

c) Charlie Chaplin

d) Lionel Barrymore

5) Answer (A)

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Question 6: Name the two Indian actors who shared the National Best Actor Award (Male) in the 66th National Film Awards 2019.

a) Ayushmann Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal

b) Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar

c) Nana Patekar and Mohanlal

d) Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor

6) Answer (A)

Question 7: The Padma awards are given on

a) Republic Day

b) Independence Day

c) Gandhi Jayanthi

d) International Labour Day

e) Vijay Diwas

7) Answer (A)


The Padma category of awards which comprises Padma Bhushan, Vibhushan and Padma Shri are awarded on Republic day i.e., 26th of every January.

Question 8: Which of the following foundations confers the ‘Global Goalkeeper Awards’?

a) Coca-Cola Foundation

b) Ford Foundation

c) Infosys Foundation

d) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

8) Answer (D)

Question 9: Which movie won the ‘Best Film’ award at 20th IIFA Awards in 2019?

a) Dhadak

b) Padmaavat

c) Raazi

d) Sanju

9) Answer (C)

Question 10: Famous ‘Oscar Awards’ are presented by the

a) American Motion Pictures Association

b) American Film Society

c) Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences

d) World Film Society.

10) Answer (C)

Question 11: Match the following husband-and-wife team with the awards they have received for exemplary work:

a) 1-ii, 2-i, 3-iii, 4-iv

b) 1-ii, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-iii

c) 1-iv, 2-iii, 3-ii, 4-i

d) 1-ii, 2-iv, 3-iii, 4-iv

11) Answer (B)

Question 12: The Golden Globe Awards are presented by

a) National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

b) Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)

c) American Theatre Wing and The Broadway League

d) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

12) Answer (B)

Question 13: In Grammy Awards 2015 the best folk album was won by _______

a) Pharrell Williams – “Happy”

b) Old Crow Medicine Show – Remedy

c) Rosanne Cash – The River & the Thread

d) None of the above

13) Answer (B)

Question 14: In 2015 the President of India approved conferment of Padma Awards to all of the following but for _________

a) Kharag Singh Valdiya

b) Mohammad Yusuf Khan

c) Lakshmi Gopala Naidu

d) Saichiro Misumi

14) Answer (C)

Question 15: How many Nobel Prize awards are awarded each year?

a) 8

b) 5

c) 6

d) 10

15) Answer (C)

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