SSC CGL GK Questions (asked on 12th June, 2019)

SSC CGL 12th June Asked GK Questions
SSC CGL 12th June Asked GK Questions

SSC CGL GK Questions (asked on 12th June, 2019)

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Download SSC CGL GK Questions (asked on 12th June, 2019)

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Question 1: Who was the first Indian to hit 6 consecutive sixes?

Question 2: Battle of Imphal took place in which year?

Question 3: What is India’s rank in World Happiness index 2019?

Question 4: In which year the Maratha Empire ended?

Question 5: Name the highest peak in Maharashtra?

Question 6: When a blue litmus paper is dipped in acid then it is changed to which color?

Question 7: Which Sikh king installed idols in the Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara in Amritsar, famously known as the Golden Temple?

Question 8: Which tissue in the plant transports food?

Question 9: The book “India Shastra: Reflections on the Nation in Our Time” is written by?

Question 10: Which state has the longest mainland coastline in India?

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Question 11: Burma was separated from British India in which year?

Question 12: What is the chemical name of cyanide?

Question 13: Indian Super League started in which year?

Question 14: Representation of the Anglo-Indian Community in Lok Sabha is related to which article in Indian constitution?

Question 15: Nyishi tribe belongs to which country?

Question 16: What is the national game of Srilanka?

Question 17: Who was the first Chinese person to win a noble prize in literature?

Question 18: Who was the runner up in the Swiss open 2019 held in Switzerland?

Question 19: Laughing Gas is also called?

Question 20: Opium wars are fought between which two countries?

Question 21: Formation of new states is present in which article?

Question 22: What does detergent contain?

Question 23: Dolphin kick is related to which sports?

Question 24: The Vaghela dynasty ruled which parts of India?

Question 25: The battle of Kohima in the second world war took place in which year?


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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: Ravi Shastri

2) Answer: 1944

3) Answer: 140

4) Answer: 1818

5) Answer: Kalsubai Shikhar

6) Answer: Red color

7) Answer: Maharaja Ranjit Singh

8) Answer: Phloem tissue

9) Answer: Shashi Tharoor

10) Answer: Gujarat

11) Answer: 1937

12) Answer: formonitrile

13) Answer: 2013

14) Answer: Article 331

15) Answer: India

16) Answer: Volleyball

17) Answer: Guan Moye

18) Answer: B Sai Praneeth

19) Answer: Nitrous Oxide

20) Answer: British and China

21) Answer: Article 3

22) Answer: Sodium Carbonate

23) Answer: Swimming

24) Answer: Gujarat

25) Answer: 1944

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