SSC CGL 2020 Tier-1 Exam English Section Strategy

SSC CGL 2020 English Section Strategy
SSC CGL 2020 English Section Strategy

SSC CGL 2020 Tier-1 English Section Strategy

As SSC CGL 2020 Tier-1 exam is postponed due to covid19. You will be having more time to prepare. In the SSC CGL Exam having Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 are the four tiers. Many candidates make the mistake of learning each SSC CGL exam Tier separately. Here we are providing strategy and how to score high marks in English Section.

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English section of the SSC CGL Tier-I exam is divided into three sections:

  • Section-1: Vocabulary Section
  • Section-2: Grammatical Section
  • Section-3: Comprehensive Section

English Section is important because it contributes to SSC CGL tier 2 as well. English Language and Comprehension Section will become your strength field in SSC CGL 2020-21 Exam. Here is the strategy for SSC CGL 2020 Tier-1 English Section.

Section-1: Vocabulary Section

This section is interesting because you can comfortably achieve the highest possible score in the Vocabulary section. Simply READ AS Many AS POSSIBLE. It may be from English newspapers, magazines, regular English blogs, or fiction books.

It would be easier to answer correctly all of the questions based on Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word substitutions, and Idioms/idioms until you understand the literal and figurative meanings of the English words. The only trick is to revise it daily. The revision should be very intense and exhaustive. 

Section-2: Grammatical Section

The grammatical portion is entirely based on rules. This part is very easy to break if you remember and understand all of the applicable rules. Revision is necessary here as well. Parts of the speech help compensate the most of the grammatical structure. You Have to go through all the parts of the speech. This grammatical portion is required for all types of questions in the English section. Learn all of the tenses and how to use them. Every exam includes error detection, & sentence improvement questions based on conditional sentences.

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Section-3: Comprehensive Section 

It’s a good idea to read the questions first so you can get a sense of the meaning of the paragraph. You will find the answers to all of the questions you have already read when you read the passage for the first time. This way, you can save time by not having to read the passage over and over again with each question.

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How to Score High Marks in English Section of SSC CGL 2020 Tier-1 Exam

SSC CGL 2020 Tier-1 examination timetable from May 29th to June 7th, 2021. SSC exams have been postponed due to an increase in Covid-19 in India, and new dates will be announced later. Tier I of the SSC CGL consists of four parts with 100 questions totalling 200 marks. The English part of the SSC CGL Tier-1 exam consists of 25 questions worth 50 marks each.

Topics and questions asked from the English Section in previous years are some of the most relevant things to keep in mind when studying for every exam:

Topics No. Of Questions asked in
SSC CGL 2019
No. Of Questions asked in
SSC CGL 2018-19
No. Of Questions asked in
SSC CGL 2017
No. Of Questions asked in
SSC CGL 2016
Passage Cloze Test (5) Cloze Test (5) Cloze Test (5) Reading Comprehension (5)
Fill in the Blanks 2 2 2 3
Sentence Improvement 2 2 2 5
Error Detection 2 2 2 3
Sentence Rearrangement 2 2 2
Idioms and Phrases 2 2 2 6
Synonyms 2 2 2 1
Antonyms 2 2 2 1
One Word Substitution 2 2 2
Spelling Correction 2 2 2 1
Active Passive 1 2 1
Direct Indirect 1 1
Total Questions 25 25 25 25

If you have a strong command of English grammar rules, good vocabulary use, and good comprehension skills to balance that. know the details before getting into the important topics SSC CGL 2020 Detailed syllabus

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In addition, practice is the secret to acing the test. Give as many mock tests as you can and keep track of the results. Revise extensively, focusing on the subjects that seem to be lacking in the mock assessments. Only note that reviewing and doing what you’ve learned so far will help you achieve your goal.

Hope this information will be useful for you in the SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam Preparation. Stay tuned for more updates about exams.

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